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Full Version: Gamma Scopaline/DMSO
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OK, good ol' GS is listed in SR3, pretty effective little tool . Sure everyone has done the DMSO combo.

But looking in SR3, there's no price that I can find. My Cannon Companion has recently, well, gone the way off half of my socks. So can't look there. Anyone got a cost (w/ Street index) for that and DMSO? My players are wanting to do some heavy hosing of some gaurds, and I'm hoping quite honestly that it's cost preventive.

Also, one of the characters has a biotech 8, and chemistry 8 (knowledge skill). Any thoughts on time/cost/target number to make the stuff? I really have no clue what would go in to making it. If it's just an extract of Belladona, makes sense that she could do it with a shop, but other than that... no clue.

Personally I would much rather she NOT start making something like that in large quantities, because it could be very unbalancing. But I'd prefer to have runners hit her shop and swipe it after having it for a while than just say "no". I try to never say "no", just assign a target number (or consequences). Unless someone wants to dikote their tail of course. wink.gif So I need some rules on what it would take for her to do it.
Gamma scopolamine is a highly processed drug although you may be able to make it in a shop it wouldn’t be easy (high end of the recommended target numbers for making drugs in MM). Of cause you should consider the intended use of the stuff. I have been told that scopolamine is a general anaesthetic used in hospitals today. If this is true the gamma variant or its precursors could be found in a hospital requiring minimal chemical work to turn into casual rounds.

One way to cut back on the abuses of these drugs would be to impose proper storage and shelf life modifiers. Most drugs should be stored in the fridge and as they get more complicated there shelf life goes down, you could reasonably assign a 6 month shelf life in the fridge but if you take it on a run it will go of 12 hours after you take it out of the fridge (say -1DL every 2 hours after the first 12) this could be extended with an ice pack holster that imposes -4 conceal ability (available in a consolable version that only imposes a -2 conceal ability) combined with the limited volumes a shop could make at one time this will prevent the acquisition of stockpiles.

mattness pl
Gamma Scopaline - I love it biggrin.gif
QUOTE (mattness pl)
Gamma Scopaline - I love it biggrin.gif

Great! so...... how much does it cost !?!?
Crusher Bob
Here's a fact sheet on DMSO. It soulds like the hard part is making it 'medical quality', not just making the stuff...

Scopolamine is extracted from a variety of nightshade. Of course, gama-scopolamine is probably a completely different beast.

It's possible that 'gama-scopolamine' is obtained from a genetically altered nightshade, making it reltively easy to 'manufacture', of course, you still have to refine the extract from the genetically alrered nightshade, but that would probably be well within the means of a 'shop'.
Thanks! Some back ground on it is great! Gives me some more ideas for applications.
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