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A while ago there was a thread about Quotes from films or some such where someone had taken the Pool Room scene from usual suspects and modified it so that "Keyser Soze"/ "My Employer" became "Mr Lofwyr" Now i've used the search function and found a 12 page Thread of fav films where scene's were quoted (amoung other theads in which Keyser Soze was mention, and no i don't know how to put things above my "o"'s nyahnyah.gif ), but i couldn't find that post. Anyone have it or can they find it?

thanks in advance...
Crimsondude 2.0
Apropos of nothing, that brings to mind a one-shot, non-continuity run I did for some visiting friends wherein it was revealed that Lofwyr doesn't exist. He was entirely the creation of a gifted PR team some decades back to creatively stave off a potential takeover. Certain movers and shakers within Tir Tairngire caught on and thought "what a good idea"; in return for not blowing the whistle on S-K, they got usage of the Lofwyr creation for their own political machinations.

The whole thing was made worth it by the look on one player's face and the quote "you mean I've spent the last two years looking over my shoulder for a ****ing marketing ploy?"
Fresno Bob
Thats pretty good, but one of the other greats probably would have ratted them out.
Oh quite possibly. It was only a one-shot, and I'm willing to suspend some disbelief for those. Besides, with the down-cycle hunting, maybe not all the greats know who survived to the current period. Many of them aren't using the same names they did previously.

Heh... I just had the idea that the other greats know the PR story and - with typical GD paranoia - think it's a smokescreen thrown out by the real Lofwyr. Wheels within wheels...
The White Dwarf
No idea where the old post is, but I had a few minutes free so heres another go, tried to pick spots at least mentioned in SR but Im not AH heh.


Keaton stands while the rest sit and listen.

So I need to know if anyone can think of
anybody. Somebody with power. Enough to
possibly track us from Seattle.

Look. We've been over it for an hour now.
I say we pack up and run. Let's go back
to Seattle. At least get out of Denver.

SUDDENLY, The sound of a man clearing his throat.
Everyone turns to the door behind them.
MR. KOBAYASHI a tall, slim, well groomed man stands in the
hall. He has a briefcase in his hand. He smiles politely.

Mr. Keaton?

Keaton stands back and lets him in. Kobayashi looks them

I am Mr. Kobayashi. I've been asked by my
employer to bring a proposal to you
gentlemen. That must be Mr. Hockney. I
recognize Mr. Fenster from his mug shot,
as well as Mr. McManus.
(To Verbal)
I can only assume that you are Mr. Kint.
I believe you were the one who disposed
of Saul. My employer sends his gratitude.
A most unexpected benefit.

Everyone looks at one another in shock that he would know

What can we do for you?

My employer requires your services. One
job. One day's work. Very dangerous. I
don't expect all of you to live, but
those who do will have ninety-one million
nuyen to divide any way they see fit.

Who's your boss?

My employer wishes to remain anonymous.

Don't jerk me off. We all know what this
is. You don't work with me if I work with
you without knowing who I'm working for.
Now let's cut the shit. Who's the man?

I work for Lofwyr.

A strange look crosses Keaton's face. Skepticism, mockery and
just a hint of fear. Hockney, McManus and Fenster all share
similar looks.

What is this?

Who's Lofwyr?

I am sure you've heard a number of tall
tales, myths and legends about Lofwyr
I can assure you gentlemen, most of them
are true.

Who's Lofwyr?

Judging by the sudden change in mood, I
am sure the rest of your associates can
tell you, Mr. Kint. I have come with an
offer directly from Lofwyr. An order

An order.

In 2051, Mr. Keaton, you
participated in the hijacking of a truck
in Seattle. The cargo was raw
steel. Steel that belonged to Lofwyr
and was destined for Pakistan to be used
in a Nuclear reactor. A very profitable
violation of global regulations. You had no
way of knowing this, because the man
shipping the steel was working for Lofwyr
without his knowledge.

Mr. Fenster and Mr. McManus hijacked a
twin-prop cargo flight earlier this year
out of Sea-tac airport. The plane was
carrying platinum and gold wiring. Also
set for Pakistan.

Kobayashi turns and points at Hockney.

Two months ago, Mr. Hockney stole a truck
carrying gun parts through Bellevue -

Everyone looks at Hockney. He smiles shyly. It occurs to them
all that he robbed the truck for which they were all arrested
in the first place.

- guns allegedly set to be destroyed by
the Star in Seattle. They were to be
"lost" in a weigh station and routed to
Belfast. Again, Lofwyr using pawns who
had no knowledge.
(turning to Verbal)
Which brings us to Mr. Kint.

Verbal crumbles under his stare.

Nine months ago, one of Lofwyr's less
than intelligent couriers was taken in a
complicated confidence seam by a cripple.
He was relieved of sixty-two thousand
nuyen. Now
(To all of them)
- It has taken us some time to find you.
Our intention was to approach you after
your apprehension in Seattle.

You set up the line-up.

Lofwyr made a few com-calls, yes. You were
not to be released until I came to see
you. It seems Mr. Keaton's attorney, Ms.
Finneran, was a bit too effective in
expediting his release. Holding the rest
of you became a moot point.

What about Redfoot?

Mr. Redfoot knew nothing. Lofwyr rarely
works with the same people for very long,
and they never know who they're working
for. One cannot be betrayed if one has no

So why tell us?

Because you have stolen from Lofwyr.
That you did not know you stole from him
is the only reason you are still alive,
but he feels you owe him. You will repay
your debt.

Who is this guy? How do we know you work
for Lofwyr

I don't think that is relevant, Mr.
Hockney. The five of you are responsible
for the murder of Saul Berg and his
bodyguards. Mr. Redfoot can attest to
your involvement, and we can see to it
that he will. He is not of your
"superior" breed.

This is a load of shit.

The offer is this, gentlemen. Lofwyr's
primary interest, as I am sure you all
know, is narcotics. He's been - competing
shall we say, with a group of
Aztlans for several years. Competing
with Lofwyr has taken its toll. These
Aztlans are negotiating the sale of
ninety-one million nuyen in kamikaze in
three days time. Needless to say, this
purchase will revitalize the diminishing
strength of their organization. Lofwyr
wants you to stop the deal. If you
choose, you may wait until the buy.
Whatever money changes hands is yours.
The transaction will take place on a boat
in Rio de Jenaro. Lofwyr wants you to get
to the boat and destroy the cocaine on
board. Then you are free of your
obligation to Lofwyr.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't
kill you right now.

Kobayashi smiles and puts his briefcase on the table in front
of him.

A gift from Lofwyr gentlemen.

He turns and walks out of the room.

Keaton walks over to the case and opens it. He reaches in and
pulls out five thick manila envelopes, each marked in bold
black letters. "KEATON", "McMANUS", "HOCKNEY", "FENSTER" and

Keaton pulls out the files, revealing a map underneath.

Keaton hands each man his file. He opens his first. He pulls
out a thick stack of papers and thumbs through them.

Jesus Christ. Open them.

All of the men open their files. Inside are mug shots of each
man in his respective file as well as a printout of his
criminal record. But there is more.

They know everything.

This is my life in here. Everything I've
done since I was eighteen.

Everybody I ever worked with, did time

They fucking know everything.

Keaton pulls out a large black and white photograph of
himself and his lawyer EDIE FINNERAN. They are laughing arm
in arm by a fountain in New York. He hides the photo from the

This is not right.

I don't know. Who was that guy that used
to talk about Lofwyr in Seattle?

Bricks Marlin.

Yeah. He said he did jobs for him.
Indirect stuff. Always five times more
money than the job was worth.

Come on. The guy is a pipe dream. This
Kobayashi is using him for window
dressing .

I don't know. This is bad.

It's bullshit. This guy could be Star.
I think it's a setup.

The way I hear it, Lofwyr is some kind of
butcher. No pity.

There' is no Lofwyr
Entertaining (And a real cool scene in Usual Suspects).

Of course, it doesn't match with what we know of SR. No one asks "Who is Lofwyr?", for one thing. wink.gif
Crimsondude 2.0
Shouldn't it be Mr. Brackhaus instead of My. Kobayashi if you're gonna do it all the way?
Heh. It should be a lot like that, actually, but thanks to Gasgoigne and Sargent, Harley and the Greats are regulars at Ophra, so to speak.
Cheers White Dwarf, it's not the post but it is good enough.

QUOTE (Shockwave_IIc)
no i don't know how to put things above my "o"'s nyahnyah.gif

It's called an "Umlaut" (oom-lawt), and few systems will actually recognize it.
Crusher Bob
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