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Full Version: Small Units Tactics and Combat Pool
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In short, I'm wondering whether or not you can add Combat Pool to a Small Units Tactics roll. I can see reasons why it should and should not work; how do you people treat this?

Zeel De Mort
Hahaha! No, I'd definately say you can't add Combat Pool to it! The text on p43 of SR3 strongly implies that, as far as skills go, Combat Pool is only for Combat Skills, of which Small Unit Tactics isn't one.

On the other hand, you can add Task Pool to the roll, which isn't otherwise much used in a combat situation.
What I can't really figure out is how the system works for using SUT on yourself. The text says that you can, but I can't really figure out the system. It takes a Complex Action to relate the instructions, but how much time to "figure it out" yourself?
it takes no actions to use SUT on yourself.
But, as it's SMALL UNIT TACTICS and not JUST ME, MYSELF, ALONE TACTICS then surely you can't use it by yourself. Isn't it supposed to represent the increased efficiency of the team working together under one persons direction?
It can also represent the ability to predict the responses of other groups.
one guy is a really, really small unit.

to answer your question with a rules quote, no--SUT can explicitly be used soley on one's self, as seen on the fourth paragragh under "Small Unit Tactics" on page 105, CC. the name "Small Unit Tactics" is misleading; simple "Combat Tactics" or even just "Tactics" would be more appropriate (and would allow for specialization in physical combat).
I don't think it's misleading. Like you said, one guy is the smallest unit.

He can go around calling himself "an army of one".
Even if a single person may not be called a small unit (though I still would), it's still tactics as it applies to small units.

P. 108 of SR3 lists "use skill" as a complex action.

So I'm pretty sure making a SUT test itself would be a complex action.

You then have to spend ANOTHER complex action communicating if you want the results to aid anybody but yourself.
Sorry, in cannon companion it says different for small unit tactics. And TWO complex actions? That's two combat turns right there. That would make the skill useless as an active skill.

[EDIT] Ok, here is the rules: It uses as complex action to use on ANYONE ELSE. This is to communicate the situation to others. It takes no actions to use on yourself. Pg. 105, the tiny paragraph second from the bottom. Pretty clear and straight forward.
Mongoose, any firearms skill is a skill. Making an attack is using that skill. Unless you're going to say that you need a complex action (and then a simple action!) to fire a pistol, we're going to have to say that the page you quoted is too unclear to be useable.

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