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Full Version: Master Skill List
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Frater Inominatus
I was looking for a "complete" skill list. Can you point me in the right direction?
Ancient History doesn't quite exist, see. Because there are effectively an infinite number of knowledge skills (although I believe no more than sixty or so have actually been named) in various categories, and ditto with languages (maybe a dozen actually used); then you have martial arts and the various active skills. Active skills would be easy, if you don't count specializations as seperate skills.
John Campbell
SR books mention over 200 Knowledge Skills, not counting specializations. I made a list. It's not comprehensive... it only covers the books I have, which is nowhere near a complete collection, and I even left a few of those out for various reasons (none of the otaku-related ones from Matrix are in there, for example, because I don't use otaku).
Talia Invierno
Another good resource is the Big List 'O Skills, although it hasn't been updated from SR2. (Morrigu has collected some useful stuff smile.gif )
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