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I was checking the info on the ancients in the new seattle sourcebook and realized something, no info is given on the territory they, the merlyns, or the cutters control. Given the ancients smuggling operation, i assume they call parts of puyallup home. am i wrong on this, should i take this to mean they claim the entire sprawl?
Ancient History
You should give K-10 a buzz.
They control the Talislar (sp?) area of Payalup. It's a mostly elven neighborhood.
i think it's tarislar, and i think theres another gang up there too with them, fighting for turf, but can't for the life of me think of who it is
I read a blurb that stated that they technically claim all of seattle as their turf.
The Ancients are fairly large, as they're a multi-sprawl gang, and have activities through most of the metroplex, although they're most noticable in Tarislar.
thanks everyone, that really helps. i knew that tarislar was one of the places that would protect them, but didn't realize that it was their main home.

AH: K10?
Ancient History
Kanada Ten! He only wrote more about the Ancients than any other you're likely to meet.
Hell , I love the Ancients. K10, if you every get around to throwing anything out on this and are feeling generous, feel free to send something my way.

I'm currently running a game where GL is trying to get the players to assasinate Sting for him, and start the gang working actively against the Tir. I love embroiling PC' s in plots.
Crimson Jack
I always imagined that The Ancients were similar in size and scope to something akin to the Hell's Angels.
Asking Kanada Ten for info regarding the Ancients, as opposed to asking everyone else, really depends on whether he wants official or unofficial stuff. From the poster's initial question, it looks like he was just asking for info from official published products. I write a lot of short fiction and have my own ideas for how the Tir, Peace Force, Ghosts, etc, operate: that doesn't necessarily mean I'm the guy to go to for an official answer, though (AH or someone is more likely to know a lot of official TT stuff than me).
Crimsondude 2.0
This is all I could find on them from K10.
Thanks CD,
'preciate it
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