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Full Version: Harlequin Walkthrough
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A long time ago I found a walkthrough for the first Harlequin book: good GM tips, good suggestion to modify the scenarios, etc. I am, however, unable to find it now.

So, is there any kind soul who can point me at it?
I just got it and read it. Figure out the major plot points and order of events very carefully. It is written as non-linearly as humanly possible with out actually inducing apoplectic fits.

Then throw away the book and let your guys do what is reasonable. The runs are all exercises in railroading your players anyway.
I've no problem running Harlequin. I want the walkthrough because it was funny as hell, and had some very cool ideas--like making Dr.What vanish for a few months (maybe years). Then, one day when one character is racing in his car to a Meeting He Can't Miss, he stops at a red light and sees the Doc crossing the streets, with a bag of groceries (Pulp Fiction, anyone? biggrin.gif)
Sorry, caffiene deficient morning. Me read bad, no get point of post. Ug. dead.gif
Found it!

Really, really funny to read. rotfl.gif
If anyone playing in Last Laugh reads this, I'm going to go berserk and hunt you down with a gore-encrusted battle axe.
Just finished reading that.
Now I wish I had that before I ran Harlequin
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