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Full Version: Help Me Plot A Raid For Ruthenium
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Well, my Ord Adept is after some Ruthenium, but doesn't have the cash to buy it, so my GM (Thanks Altheas) has allowed me to figure out a run to obtain some.
Easiest mark I think will be some kind of arts etc supplies warehouse, where they are likely to have Ruth for changeable scenery (GM Suggestion).

I've never planned a run before, does anyone have any advice for me? I'm thinking try find a place thats pretty low-key, not too much security, case the place, get in through the roof or similar and disable the security cameras, if there's any guards, sneak in and KO them, grab the goods and bolt, after putting the security back together if theres time.

I figure that if there's no killing, and no destruction of property, there should be little chance of a serious manhunt to come after me.

Anyone have any advice? Is there something I'm overlooking in terms of how easy something like Ruth would be to trace? You get the idea smile.gif
If you break in somewhere, and remove something, then its B/E no matter if you set the security back online afterwards.

If you can do it without leaving ANY trace, then the missing goods might be blamed on an internal worker or something. Then you are away clean.

Anything less and its bad no matetr how you turn it. Focus on leaving no trace of yourself, no shell casings, no blood, no face on the video feeds. Preferable not even any bullets. Bullets can be traced to manufacturer and from there maybe to your source.

Most importantly, do not get caught. If you are stopped somewhere after the run, wearing your new Ruth armor, then make sure you have removed all serialnumbers, electronic and otherwise. This might be hard as each camera is certain to have several unique numbers imbedded on their chips and logos and stuff.

For anyone to look twice at your special armor though, you are probably already doing something else illegal. Rule no. 1: Never get caught.
I'd just make sure that you or a shadowy contact has the right skills to turn "bulk ruthenium polymer cloth" into a viable ruthenium invisibility suit. Even if you haul the loot without a trace, you can't just cut along the dotted lines, smear some Elmer's on your lined coat, and have functioning ruthenium polymer camo.

I would pose as a prospective buyer and case the distributor, rather than going through less legitimate channels. When you ask your fixer "Do you know anyone who is stocking ruthenium polymer material" the fixer expects you to go and actually buy the material-- profiting all parties. It's just bad business to connect sellers with robbers.... at least some of the time. Unless, of course, your fixer has a score to settle.
Yeah, after you get the cloth you still need to find someplace else to steal all the image sensors and processors from. As a background the raw cloth would not have nor need these things as it's would likely be hooked up to a PC which stored the images of what would be displayed on it.

At the least it looks like 2 runs for you smile.gif
I'd have my doubts about a scenic shop having the type of RP fabric needed. There's diffrent grades, from simple color shifting cloth to high res terminal display quality stuff, and what you want is defiantley closer to the later, which is much more than a scenic shop would need.

Easiest way to steal stuff in SR is just to have a decker fake a payed invoice for you. Then you have it delivered (maybe to a drop, maybe your fixer) or even just walk in and pick it up if you have a decent fake ID that can get away with buying such things. There's an example of a decker doing just this in the rules.

Barring the help of a decker, you could just order some from any place that sells it (assuming you can find one- I think RP is legal) then break in and steal it once they have it in stock. This has the advantage of letting you case the joint when you go in to shop, but might backfire if the security tapes get shown to the guys who sold you the stuff and they put 2 and 2 together.
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