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I always have trouble coming up with names for smaller corporations. My characters have finished only one run so far so I don't want them to play with the big corps... yet.
So, I want to create a collection of names that are suitable for small to medium-sized corporations from all kinds of branches.

Try this! [Courtesy of nMath!]
grab a yearbook, flip through it for unusual last names. or take the base technology, and mix it up with words like "Technology", "Advanced", etc. like, for genetics: Advantech Genetics, Inc. hyphenate two last names. add stuff like GmB (i have no idea what that stands for).
GmbH and AG are the german equivalents of "ltd" and "inc." respectively, if I'm not mistaken.
right, GmbH, that's the one. silly germans!
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung eek.gif
sir fwank
Mad Monkey Corporation.

the owner drives a 4 yr old americar, not because he likes it mind you. because its the only car monkeys can drive.
the monkeys have skillwires 4 because thats just what mad monkey corp does.
Upside Magazine, or Fortune 500.

You can get some great names for all kindsa cyberpunk corps - from real corporations! Examples of some of the better ones I've found and used:

Ringzero Communications
Harbinger, Ltd.
Galileo International
Ethersys International.

See? The marketing guys in the real world do all the work for us.
Drain Brain
This may seem like a silly suggestion to some, but doodle!

Here at work, when my eyes get sore from trawling the DS Forums, I pull out a little pad and a pen, and I doodle. What do I doodle? Shadowrun Megacorporate Logos.

Now, I don't nescesarily know what I'm gonna do before I start, so sometimes I start with an artistic theme, sometimes with a letter.

Once you have something that looks like it would go nicely on a letterhead, make a name to match it.

Obviously I can't reproduce the logos on here, but on the last two pages of my little pad are: Tower Industrial Electronics (based out of the Tower of London, no less... wink.gif ), Northstar Cybersystems Inc., Crisis Medi-Corp (Brit version of Docwagon), Optek Surveillance Technologies (small corp, but very high tech) and Sigma Information Technologies.

The first and last are "regulars" of mine - representing, respectively, a Bad and a Good corp. Well, as good as any corp can be.

I am particularly proud of my first ever S.I.T logo - a cartoon puppy with a datajack and a cyberdeck. "Sit, Fido!"

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