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Full Version: Tarislar?
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Does anyone know where I can find information on Tarislar in Puyallup?
As i only have the german version of New Seattle i can't help you. But i'm sure there is a part about it in this book - and somebody here surely has the english version. wink.gif
New Seattle, The Old Seattle Sourcebook...and some goodies can be found in the old Harlequin run aswell.
I have found that doing some research on Ashfall from volcanos can also be quite useful as well for the area...

Pg-71(New Seattle)
pg 139 in the Seattle Sourcebook(old)
near the back in Harlequin(mostly info on dmg taken if breathing ashfall/some mood

REAL life, i believe the Area is in close proximity to Eatonville, a bit west from, near Silver Lake
Much appreciated.
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