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Full Version: Tailsmonger shop
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A player has mentioned the possibility of doing a B&E on a tailsmonger shop and I was wondering what a decent shop would have in the way of stored supplies. I've already got a plan for the setup of the shop as well as security, however as I don't do magic characters I've no idea what the shop might have in the way of supplies on hand.
Ancient History
Well, the floor stuff is mainly trinkets for and practically useless books on magic, software to compute the 1000 names of God from the Lesser Key of Soloman, hunks of crystal, some hand-made tribal trinkets.

The (armored, warded and alarmed) display cases in the back would hold fetishes, raw and perhaps refined materials. Maybe a few hand-made daggers purported to be low-Force weapon foci. Hidden back there will be a maglocked cash-box.

The Back of the shop (entered by paying a small fee and surrendering all weapons detected by the detector), would hold a collection of authentic magical tomes and software for stocking a Hermetic library, ritual materials, refined and radical materials, shamanic lodge and honfour trappings, and a computer terminal or large book padlocked to a heavy post containing spells that may be copied (alternatively, behind the back counter might by a scroll-board, with the purchased spell being written on each scroll, and each niche being locked). The occaisional historic non-magical artifact gives the place atmosphere.

The (armored, warded, alarmed, and likely guarded by a bound spirit) back counter would hold low-force foci, including larger weapon foci, as well as a sample of more esoteric alicorn, for example, or a particularly ancient or expensive grimoire. This time, the "Cashbox" is a safe sunk into the floor.

The back area of the shop is where shadowy deals take place, where materials are delivered from Corporate talismonger factories, and where the Vault is.

The Vault is as heavily warded and protected as a talismonger can afford, often with multiple guardian spirits, automated security drones, laser systems and more, and holds her choicest items: high-force foci, original grimoires, unique and interesting artifacts, her ledger of contacts and contracts, recorders for the cameras watching the shop, gram beads of orichalcum, etc.
I would like to point out that the talismonger is probably the last person you want to rip off.

Do your PCs want an unlimited supply of level 1 enemies, a handful of level 2 enemies and one level 4 enemy, all magically active and pissed off about losing the foci they just ordered and paid half in advance for? 'Cause that is what I think they would have if they succeeded in getting away with the goods and left so much as a skin cell behind.

Just my opinion though. smile.gif
I hadn't thought that all shops would have that much gear just laying around, orichulam costs nuyen.gif 88k per unit. I was thinking for most shops at most they'd have a few low level foci, unless the tailsmonger in question was about to conclude a deal and/or had just purchased something from other shadowrunners.

As for the group ...

A) One is a troll who doesn't like to wear masks. Nope, has to show off his handsome good looks to the camera.
B) One plays a mage with a rather distinctive mask and is known to various law enforcement types for mass slayings.
C) One is a troll who has distinctive tats.

GM will not need anything as mundane as to send nasty spells through a ritual link. One has LS and if things get out of hand.

Then again, I will have to see what size shop the player in question is thinking of ripping off.
These guys are cruisin' for a bruisin' aren't they?

In the immortal words of BA Barachus, "I pity the foo'!"
Ancient History
You said a 'decent shop.' This is on the high-end of a mid-range shop that dabbles in the shadows. Note the lack of an enchanting shop on the premises, or armed guards, and the off-putting tourist-section in front. This isn't some homeless, drunk AmerInd shaman selling fetishes and oranges as raw herbal materials by the side of the highway.
Eyeless Blond
I'd go as far as to say Ancient History's idea of a shop is closer to what I'd call a fortress that sells stuff. That kind of thing would make up maybe, maybe 1% of the talismongers out there, and then only in well-developed nations. There might be one or two guys like that in Seattle, but no more. Remember this is a pretty specialized market, and doesn't really lend itself much to showrooms.

The average magic shop owner will indeed have the floor filled with useless junk for public consumption, "lucky charms" and the like. You'd also probably find refined low-cost materials--herbals and the cheaper metals like tin or lead--and fetishes in with the junk, but they'd cost significantly more. Remember that magic stuff up to fetishes are fairly cheap, less than some of the electronics gadgets they have on the rack these days. There wouldn't be much more security on that stuff than you see in the average electronics store, though you'd likely see more wards.

Ritual/conjuring materials, expendible foci, lodge materials and hermetic libraries wouldn be on display in the locked, warded cases. This stuff isn't any more expensive than the jewelry they sell at the mall these days, which while more secure than an electronics store still isn't all that bad.

Foci and orichalcum would be pretty damn rare, really. Most of it is either special-ordered or viewing would require an appointment, with the talismonger himself showing off the goods. This is the stuff that might spend all day in a vault, guarded by bound spirits and crap.
Ancient History
Well...I admit, this might be a tad upscale, but talismongers can do a damn good business.
The format for these things will vary depending on the traditions catered to in the shop. remember many hermetic formulas can be distributed on chip

Non magical trinkets, jejune fetishes and talismans commonly used for geasa.
Some Spell formula. (those that are legal)
Alchemical radicals
Expendable foci
Books on theory
Whatever is being worked on out the back (not yet complete)

An independent tailsmonge probably stores the really valuable stuff (gold radicals, oricalcum, non expendable foci) in a safety deposit box at a large bank because they know they cant provide adequate security. It also explains why it takes so long to get something they may have in stock, they have to go to the bank and get it, the etiquette roll determines how much of a hurry up you giver them.

Ancient History's description is pretty close to the one in the Sprawl Sites book and fairly close to the one in MJBB. The closest thing I can think of (IRL) is one of those new age bookstores, like New Realities, that sell all that other stuff too.
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