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Full Version: What IF?
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What if an insect spirit became a free insect spirit and decided to co exist with society...
What is the likelyhood of this happening?
Ancient History
Small, but possible.
Well look at the Mantis spirits. They attack other insect spirits more than they do metahumanity and are pretty independent, so the may be more likely to become free spirits.

Hope that helps,

Crimsondude 2.0
It depends. Does "co-exist" necessarily entail "not eating" metahumans?

Look at the Desolation Angels mantid gang in Bug City, Burning Bright, etc. They're free mantid spirits hanging out, working together, and living amongst society while they hunt for food.

It's possible, but one might not necessarily know what they would be doing, or want to be doing. while they're free. Find a new queen? Try to become one? Find a secluded area and become a hermit, or conversely try and find other free insect spirits to form a group with? And through all that there is a good chance they'd have to deal with metahumans somehow.
The majority of insects are not of the hive variety, just the nasty ones in SR lore. Roaches, ants, temites, etc. are all dependant on queens, but the majority of them just swarm to mate and otherwise spend a lot of solitary time trying to eat. A free insect spirit is not unreasonable to me.
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