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Bitten by the bug
The link to the old thread in the old forum

So, I thought it would be neat to continue the thread in here.
And because I had 3 burning questions on page 4:
My three questions...

I understand fully if they can't be answered in the near future... smile.gif It gives me time to fret even more... biggrin.gif

I'm not Pistons, but with two feet of hair extensions, some breasts, and some great trick photography, I could play her on TV.

Okay, maybe not. But, anyway:

All the rules and guidelines are the same for non-native English speakers. Naturally, in your submission, let Pistons know that you're not a native English speaker, and she'll probably cut you some slack.
*Just looks at Adam's reply.*

And I thought she was meant to be the Harbinger of Wrongness? smile.gif
We got much stuff on
(short runs, a SR-Newsfax etc.)
You'll just need a voluntary translator.
Bitten by the bug
Adam, thank you very much. Now I just need the courage to send it. biggrin.gif

And Adam, the mental image of you with 2 feet of hair extensions and boobs.. eek.gifeek.gif
mental image overload rotfl.gif

Any word if Pistons has gotten a chance to reveiw the proposals already sent?
Yeah, I've been looking some of them over. Right now, the problem is getting word back; I've got a writing deadline I need to meet today. I'll be responding to proposals already sent, starting Monday.

(Thanks for playing me temporarily, Adam. Might wanna work on the accent, though. wink.gif)
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