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Full Version: Assasins fear
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Night of the living dead...

My mage has become center of interest for some Shedims in our game. So fiddeling with my sheets here I try to come up with somekind of defence. Browsing thorugh the post I finally decide to go for the Foreboding spell. I calculate the Foreboding (Shedim) to -1(S), and plan to desing it and have it sustained to some religous symbol.
(also picking up Spirit Barrier and Spirit Blast)

Then I came to think of all the assasins that have my name in their book. I wanted to design this spell: Foreboding (Enemies)
It realy between 2 categories: detection and indirect illusion. But as the Restricted version of spells incorporate some detection factor, I will try it with my GM.
I plan on giveing it -1(D)... one extra level for the analysing element.

What is your take on this spell.... too much?... and how about the drain?

The effect is fun I think. Person with this spell sustained... would gain some reputation with assasins. LOS req. would have them get the chills when they saw their target (if inside of range of course... hmm.... magic in meters..) frown.gif... that's no good.... hehe... not many snipers striking from under 12 meters.

Well I liked the Idea... extended version to 120 meters, maybe...
also good for a pacifist monk style NPC... or an artifact....
For working on enemies, the max that would probably would be allowed is your magic x force, rather then a constant range. Thus as your magic improves, so does the range affected.

As for snipers? If I was really worried about a target, I'd arrange to get them out in the open and strike from medium range. I think it'd be a while before your spell affected 150+ metres.
What exactly does this spell do?

Warn you if an enemy with hostile intent comes within range? - The enemy will get to resist detection. And thats actually not hard for most mages to do. An initiate with spell defence gets to add his grade to the spells TN to affect him, or detect him in this case.

IMO, detection spells in SR are way too easy to foil. Any round where a mage is not going to actively cast a spell, he will have all his dice dedicated to defence.
Foreboding is an indirect illusion. Target number is 4. It is resisted with willpower vs. force. Sucesses count against each other..... i.e. it's very easy for a decent mage to win this contest.
If affected the target will feel danger or that something is not right at all.. and must move quickly away from source.
Net successes ofcourse measure intensity.
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