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Full Version: question about magical compounds
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Animal tongue
Immortal flower
Little smoke
Rock lizard blood
Spirit strength
Witch’s moss

do these have prices somewhere? if i just make up what to charge?

do these have prices somewhere?

if i just make up what to charge?

The annoying thing is that although no prise or availability is listed it states that they are made for sale to certain crime syndicates and distributed threw that organisation (I forget witch).

Coming up with a price is unfortunately a tricky procedure.

You could use the enchanting rules to figure out a reasonable amount of time necessary to make a "dose" of the stuff, and then charge based on an hourly/per diem.
I think Deepweed is the only compound regularly available on the streets, and it is only regularly so in the Carrib League and the CAS and areas that have strong ties to the Vodoun community. I would probably give it to PCs about 250-500 nuyen.gif per dose in those areas, with a large markup elsewhere.

It was my understanding that most of the compounds were used almost exclusively by the Anasazi, and simply would not be available outside of the Anasazi community. I would charge an astronomical cost for Anasazi compounds (multiples of 10K nuyen.gif for things like Spirit Strength).

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A big factor is that they are only good for a very short period of time. Deepweed isn't something you can just leave sitting on the shelf. It has to be fresh. This certainly increases the costs. No one will have a large stock on hand.

Generally, it is best to have a medicine man contact who knows how to make the stuff, or take the necessary knowledge skills and enchanting if you are magically inclined.
Am I the only one that finds the compound names... suggestive?
Crimson Jack
Eh.. bit of a stretch, but I can sort of see it.
You say they are exclusive to the Anasazi but this is not the case, various traditions make magical compounds (although they may know them buy other names and use other ingredients to achieve the same effect) in target wakened lands one of the koragi (Australian aboriginal medicine man from an aria on the east cost) said that they provided a regular supply to one of the criminal syndicates, its especially worth noting this when you realize that some of the expired compounds make powerful weapons, if you can come up with a delivery mechanism

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