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Full Version: Decker running Drones
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OK, I'm a hotshot Decker in a team with no Rigger. I have Car driving skill of 4, a Nightsky Limo with tons of Electronic gear, and 2 drones, a Strato-9 Roto-drone and a Redball Express with Launch Control, Missle mounts and 4 missles. As a Decker, I naturally have a wiz Cyberdeck with most programs.

According to Rigger 3, pg 44, a Matrix user with a Remote Control program can use Drones (in Captain's Chair mode) provided they have a wireless link. I have a Radio link Rating 8 on my Cyberdeck, but in order to access the Drones, they need an Electronics Port and a Radio Link for the drone computer. as well as a radio. (I'm using a Transreciever) I got all that installed.

So, my questions:

1) Do my Drones get the same Initiative as my Matrix Initiative? Currently 11 + 4d6?

2) How do I control the Drones? Is it just Drone Pilot Rating vs. all tests?

3) Do I need a Vidlink Transmitter to see what the Drones see with Sensors.

4) Anything I can do to increase my control--other than a VCR, I don't have the Essence for one.

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1) drones get drone initiative, pilot + 1d6 as i recall.
2) yep.
3) no. that's what captain's chair mode is for. you can basically watch what your drones are doing in pop-up windows.
4) no VCR, no control pool at all. your best bet is to get IVIS for all your drones; that way, your drones will have access to a pool.
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