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Full Version: [ShadowRun in the News] Datasteal rocks Israerl
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Omer Joel
If this ain't a datasteal I don't know what it is...
Shadowrun in the real world - Corporates spying on other corporate through computer hacking tricks (a "trojan horse") in order to steal classified commercial information worth many millions of dollars.
Wow, those two fellows are definitely the corporate security type. Yikes. All they need are cyber-eyes and a smartlink....
It sounds like this was a long term "run", not a single night of snatch and grab. Maybe my characters should be asking for benefits and a company car from now on...
Most such operations IRL are long-term.

Anyway, a number of recent crimes could qualify as a shadowrun. Like the theft of Munch's paintings. Or the (botched) assassination of Viktor Yushchenkow (sp) in Ukraine last year - which, by the way, has still to be solved. Lots of such things going on in Russia these days (check out the contrakniki - former KGB agents gone private. Doesn't get any more shadowrun than this, does it?). It was even better (or, depending on your point of view, worse) during the wild Yeltzin years.
I guess the big difference is these guys had SINs...
Could be false
Too true.

The biggest difference between now and in the future of SR is the time it takes to access the stuff.
Fake passports and IDs are much easier to compose and maintain now than they are in the SR world. Most decent terrorist outfits and all national security agencies of the industrialised world (as well as in most developed countries) are perfectly capable of producing counterfeit passports that pass all but the most thorough tests.
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