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Full Version: Demotivation
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Eyeless Blond
I just ran into this book called "The Art of Demotivation", and thought it was hilarious. This would be a good read for people interested in roleplaying a megacorp. From the Excerpts:

Finally, it's okay if employees stop "giving their best" when confronted with a crisis of managerial confidence for the simple reason that it was "their best" which started the crisis. Employees who cease to engage in ego-gratifying, autonomous failure, and instead submit to a soul-crushing, robotic compliance actually have a chance for redemption.
I found Despair Inc's website a few years back... I even have their screensavers and posters. frown.gif
Eyeless Blond
I'm thinking of buying the procrastination one for my brother.

Eh, maybe later. smile.gif
Crimson Jack
Ha, these are great! That's so perfectly SR anycorp. biggrin.gif
My stepdad gives these to his employees. Call it demotivation, but it has the opposite effect. Hysterical.
Johnny the Bull
A mate of my Dad's is a director at PWC. These are /all over the place/. Given thet often act like SK Prime, I find it hilarious.
Yeah, they are great. Kagetenshi has had "Failure: when your best just isn't good enough" as a sig for some time now.
Since I registered, as a matter of fact (though I accidentally dropped the "good" and never did get around to putting it back in). I'm still looking for a good wall to put my framed Elitism and Despair posters on smile.gif

I can't believe the drones are enjoying receiving them...

Well, if the shoe fits.
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