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Full Version: Cyber Implant Combat Maneuvers
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Plastic Rat
Maybe I missed something, but Cyber Implant Combat, (hereafter reffered to as CIC) isn't mentioned as an actual fighting style in Cannon Companion.

Has anyone made up Maneuvers for it along with some Advantages and Disadvatages?

All I can really see as a MUST HAVE is "Close Combat" as Spurs and other implanted weaponry are all short range.
Its not mentioned because it isn't an unarmed fighting style. Cyber Implant Combat is armed combat.

Some styles do mention that you can take maneuvers in connection with weapons (though you have to have the maneuver by itself before taking it with a weapon). I even believe there are a couple that specifically mention cyber implants, though I don't have my book with me to be sure.
Implanted Monofilament Whip is not short range.
Ol' Scratch
As mentioned, its a standard armed combat skill and is treated as such by the Martial Arts rules. Arts such as Ninjutsu and Pentjak-Silat include it amongst their "maneuvers can be learned with these weapons" advantages.

But that said I have created numerous arts that are weapon-centric instead of unarmed-centric, such as Bataireacht (an Irish form of stick fighting). In almost every case, the advantage and disadvantage was the same:

Advantages & Disadvantages: Any maneuvers learned as part of Bataireacht apply to the use of the Clubs skill only. Bataireacht practioners are still capable combatants in a fist fight even without their beloved sticks, but they only truly shine when they have a shillelagh or cudgel to take full advantage of this art.

So, basically, they can use the art to fight if unarmed just like Unarmed Combat, but they only gain the advantages of their maneuvers when they have the proper weapon. Coming up with something like that shouldn't be too difficult with Cyber-Implant Combat.
Eyeless Blond
Except that the disadvantage is much less in this case as you're likely never actually without your weapon.
Ol' Scratch
Which is why you don't have any real advantage either. And the disadvantage is that you're still having to buy a "martial art" and the maneuvers in addition to the armed combat skill. You only have to buy two of those with unarmed combat.
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