Right, just finished another little(and I do mean little), project of mine. I only started it today so it's not massive. The aim of this, is to show newer GMs the actual structure of designing a run. You'll have to see it to fully understand. It IS pretty basic, although it was useful to myself to get it all clean through my head and see it on paper, or uhhh.. thousands of tiny LEDs(or whatever monitors or made up of).

For old school GMs, like myself, it will no doubt be of little use, although you could easily steal a horde of very basic run idea from it. Run ideas with all the major blanks to be filled in. I made this because, even though I am the main GM in my RL group, other people do GM and it occured to me earlier in the week that they basically run identical runs with just small details changed. I'm sure you'll understand that when you see it.

Anyhow, I'm not convinced it's finished and feedback is very welcome and I would almost definitely be editing and adding other ideas if they arrive(of course I have to agree with them, but it is possible I make a "fully included" version).

Before I get to the links, let me say that, I am not entirely happy with the "Extras". It feels awkward and unfinished at the moment and I will be changing that to some degree, although I'm mostly out of steam at the moment, might take until tomorrow if feedback is low.

Anyhow! (now lets hope I don't screw the URL tags)

Shadowrun™ Run Structure with Flavour - Here's your Microsoft Word version, so you can freely remove my name and claim it as your own. Damn thieving deckers, or to-be hackers.

Shadowrun™ Run Structure with Flavour - Here's the .PDF version. I remember from last time I posted that a few people couldn't view .doc files.

Also, before they go out of style and Shadowrun hits 4E(something I'm unlikely to take part in), I'm going to repost a link to my Shadowrun Reference Sheets. They've had some minor adjustments since I last posted them and I'm sure a horde of people never even saw the post(you won't notice the difference, don't worry, you're not going mad).

Shadowrun 3E Reference Sheet - Microsoft Word Version

Shadowrun 3E Reference Sheet - PDF Version

While I'm at it, here's a Microsoft Word version of my bucket of random runs, because.. well, I'm posting a load of links anyway, so why not, eh? =)

Tons of Random(ish) Runs

Have a good one.

- Baatorian

Edit : Spelling. Did I mention I'm on the beer? =) Apparently I "maim" the GM these days. I must admit, sometimes I do get the urge.