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Okay, so I'm doind a run right now with my group, but I can't find one of my books, unbeknown to them, the run is about to take them into the ork underground. Anyone got any data on the underground in seattle? The group is 3 humans and one elf transvestite. Any sudjestions/paydata?

Thanks all! smile.gif
(Kricket, krickit.)

Anyway, I found this much, but I need data on the inside.

There are many ways to enter the Underground, but the only safe ways for non-Orks are via the official tour entrances in the basement of the Seattle Utilities Building (Seneca Street and Frist Avenue, inside the Big Rhino Restaurant) and the basement of Lordstrung's Department Store on Fifth Avenue and Pine Street.

>>>>>[In addition to the 22 known entrances into the Underground, there are rumours of many secret ones. Ork thieves reputedly use some entrances to enter the basements of buildings they plan to rob. There are also rumours of an Ork government and a huge lore library in the center of the city.

Though I think the Orks have the right to live as they wish, I also believe that the more radical and criminal Ork elements are using racial prejudice as a front to create an impenetrable fortress beneath the streets. If I were running the city, I would make the Underground a district of Seattle, subject ot the city's laws and law enforcement. As it is, the Underground is an anarchist's dream.

Unofficially, Lone Star gives the area a big D on the security profile scale, but do little, if any aptrolling of the area. The Ork police force down there is little more than a good squad.]<<<<<
            SPD [12-08-2050 / 19:50:32]
Ork underground info is all over the place . Off the top of my head . Shutdown , DNA/DOA, Both Seatle books .
don't have shutdown, can't find DNA/DOA. Can you remember anything about what is down there?
Orks and Dwaves man .

Realy it is a hole town down there . Some of it touristy . Some of it shadowy .
Put what ever you want down there it is your game after all .
SSB, NS, DNA/DOA, and some of the old novels (especially 'Never trust an Elf') had info on the underground.
Thanks for the tips. smile.gif I'll look them up when I get some time. I have a few of those and haven't gotten to read them yet.
Crimson Jack
Here are a few tidbits of OU info from NS:

The Crying Wall is a monument located in the basement of the Bickson Building in Tacoma. Bas relief sculpture dedicated to those who died in the Night of Rage. It is guarded 24/7 and there is a place to buy tickets to have a guided tour down to the entrance. The guards can be bribed for the right amount.

Ghosts haunt the tunnels along the waterfront with a bent towards fucking with humans, but some hate all living things.

The Ragers (mostly orks, few trolls and dwarves) are a gang that pretty much hate all humans due to the Night of Rage. They use the Tacoma/Commencement Bay area's OU tunnels.

The OU is sympathetic to shadowrunners. That is a quote from NS. For a price, runners should be able to gain entrance, hole up, or smuggle goods to and fro without too much trouble.

One particular type of permanent entrance pass given out (or purchased) is a penny on a thong, which when shown, allows the wielder access to the OU. This might be a good reward for a job done for the orks and trolls in the OU.
Okies, that's the kind o data I was looking for. Thanks!

They had to go in and get a guy who was trying to kill the head of the ork underground. He was a little wacked, what with the monkey makeup and ninja costume. And the vibrosword. smile.gif
Thanks, scoundrel. That run idea made me smile.
No problem. Will that be cash or check?
How about Karma? I have some of that to spare. smile.gif
I'm actually a free spirit in disguise, so karma works too.
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