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CNN story

Heh, this has Shadowrun written all over it. cyber.gif
Mr. Johnson: "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sabatoge the chip production plant's (Owned by Aztechnology) electronic controls, thus causing them to mass produce a faulty product." nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif
Interesting. there was something in this line in the mid-90's. There had been a gentleman's agreement between British Telecom and the american company AT&T to stay out of each other's back yard. BT got europe and Asia and left AT&T with with the americas.

Then AT&T tried to move into Hong Kong. British Telecom responded by buying a major interest in MCI, AT&T's biggest competator. AT&T got the hint and backed off of Hong Kong.

As these AAA corps were locked in a fight, a smaller corp tried to get in the act. World Com tried to buy up big shares of MCI driving the price way up. He had the right idea but was too late. He thought BT would pay lots for MCI stock to make more moves of AT&T and didn't relaize the Brits having won the ifght were looknig for a way out. World Com was paying way more for MCI than it was worth, so BT sold it's share to World Com, recouped the capital it had paid out to fight AT&T and World Com was left holding stock that was too heavily leveraged to do anything, and it collasped.

Now that, real life corp war is just made for a serries of runs.
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