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Full Version: Jus' as an aside here...
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Jus' as an aside to all of you Shadowrunners lookin' to build new vehicles for yer games (GM's and players)...

I've been diggin' around on Design Concept sites and I've got some pretty cool retro-lookin' and some futuristic lookin' wheels pictures...

Drop me a personal message with an e-mail addy, and I'll send out some (relative to what I got, and whatcha want)...

...No charge (but ya owe me! [wink!])
Why not just post links to the relevant sites?
QUOTE (Adam)
Why not just post links to the relevant sites?


A: there were LOTZ (and I don't have the frikkin' time to dial 'em all it)

B: it gives me the chance to find out jus' how many GM's/Players actually BOTHER to build new machines...
For some reason this thread brings to mind the phrase "Hot Dog Cart On A Stick." Do with that what you will.
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