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Full Version: To those from santa cruz, please do not read this
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Cynic project
Okay i am going to be starting in about a month, and I was wondering,if the players had new starting characters could they live? If not, what would you let your character have?

What character types would be needed, and what could you go without?

Could I down play the dragons, and not having them be so hands on?
Is this about Wake of the Comet? Is so, dunno, didnt read that.
Cynic project
It is about Wake of the comet and survival of the fittest
Probably pretty tough to play down the dragons in Survival of the Fittest... I didn't get much of a kick out of that one. Seemed a lot too linear for me.
Cynic project
Well, when i mena lowering the dragons i mean things like the great dragons do not have to be there in eprson. the runners do not have to see Lowfyer in person, they don't need to knwot heya re runnign for a dragon, or what one they are.
SotF is fairly chumpified. starting or low-end characters should be able to make it through okay, as long as they're paying attention. it's not like you fight any GDs in SotF; the writers did pretty much everything they could to make that scenario next to impossible. but it'd be next to impossible to cut them out completely and still be running the same game; the whole point of SotF is, the players get to meet almost all the GDs. WotC i don't remember too many details about, but i don't remember recoiling in horror at any point when i read it. so it's probably fairly doable for starting / low-end chars.
One of the only real problems I had with Survival of the Fittest (beyond stupid mistakes in NPC statblocks) was actually that it was heavily underpowered. The elite agents of Rhonabwye, that the runners have to face off against in one scenario, are a pretty even match for a well-designed team of starting characters. I think that if a group of creatures (and I do mean "creatures" as none of them are strictly metahuman) is the cream of the crop as far as what the dragon can bring to bear to hunt down its foes, they should probably be able to defeat the average runner team handily. This is not the case.
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