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A few...a long time ago, someone posted a VERY handy "at-a-glance" sheet, containing information such as targeting modifiers, stats for races and spirits, police responses, weapon ranges, and so on. It was essentially a "Lost Tables" reference condensed to two pages in Word, with gratuitious usage of very small font.

Following two hard drive failures, my only copy of this sheet is ripped, torn, stained, and otherwise beaten halfway to death. Also, the second sheet is dead. Long story short, I'd like to find this bad boy and print it out again so I can return to my worship of its powers. Anyone happen to have this, or know where to get it, or God forbid, even happen to have made it?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Secondary question: If there are any conglomerations of links, files, etc., that don't happen to be on the DS Archive (ie, floating through the forums), could someone post that too? I lost all the helpful secret squirrel GM information I used to have, and it would be a major boon to get anything back. Just if anyone has it, again. I'll go back to the cold despair that is the Forum's Search function.


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There's an HTML full of tables that comes with NSRCG (or at least did at one time).
The so called "Lost Tables" are still included with the NSRCG program.
yeah but he want a condensed sheet of them, so it's just 2 pages and not 15 like teh html prints out to be
Barring finding anything, I'll put one together, but one of the posters here put something together.

*continues searching*
Well I'm dumb. Had the keywords the whole time, but neglected the date sorting. Here's the link, in case anyone else wants them:

The best part is that I have the first reply too. *sigh*

The .doc version is gone, but the .pdf is still functioning, so I think I'll just backwards engineer it and post it soon enough.

The .doc version is still there, it's just a little buried in the architecture. Shadowrun Reference Sheet (.doc)
I just keep getting dumber and dumber. frown.gif Thanks!
QUOTE (cykotek)
The .doc version is still there, it's just a little buried in the architecture. Shadowrun Reference Sheet (.doc)

When I open the doc, it is blank.
must be on your end tisoz, it opens fine for me
Blank for me, too. There's some kind of formatting going on with the text alignment and newlines, but no text.

To aid in alleviating the problems people seem to be having, I've rehosted the files (with credit to the author baatorian), both as a .doc and as a .pdf

I did recolor them to black text on white throughout, mostly to save my printer from screaming in agony.
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