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Full Version: Cyberdecks
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I know they are doing away with cyberdecks but so far have not heard if its a tech advancment phase out or a rewrite of tech cannon in the game. Any one know? I can see tech advancing to a point in game were "decks" become obsolete. Kinda makes more sense than simply saying they never exsisted.
most likely a tech advancement, a history rewrite to remove the deck from ever existing isnt the sr way...
From the FAQ:

SR4 is a new rules set simpler, streamlined, and more accessible, but new rules nonetheless. That means SR1, SR2, and SR3 rules will be obsolete in the new system. Source material, however meaning background, plot, and world info will still be relevant. We are advancing the timeline a slight bit in order to account for some new technology, but not so far as to completely sever ourselves from ongoing plots.
yeah. the FAQ makes it fairly clear that nothing's being re-written, fluffwise. cyberdecks are part of the fluff.
Good. Was worried from what I had read on the boards that they were simply going to do a re-write rather than a tech advancment.
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