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Full Version: [Shadowrun by Clockwork] Pt. II
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Ancient History
Last time...

Change of plans. THis sucked hard.
Hopefully I didn't make you think it sucked. Did I???
I really liked the last one I hope you're not going to just scrap it.
I thought it was good. Put it back. frown.gif
Hey I liked it too...the atmosphere was quite good. Probably the only thing I felt was wierd about it was the carrying an small arms store in a limo...God forbid a gang hijack at the moment!
Now I feel bad for not responding sooner... I bet he thought it sucked because it got no feedback.

MORE! (<-- feedback)
Ancient History
No, this was just a really bad idea. I didn't polish it or anything.
Lady Door
Hmmm.. maybe some sort of petition is in order?? You can't just get someone interested like that then never finish the story.. that's just cruel!! *sniff, sniff*
With luck he just pulled it for a rework.

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