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Full Version: Real life mirroring Shadowrun again.
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Intersting information.
Cool. I had no idea we were using that many non-US soldiers.
Interested in Jobs?

Here's a list of providers. Though not all of them are in Iraq at this time.
Those are some pretty cool links.
It's a little frightening how close this is to something you'd see in Shadowrun.

I remember that in the 1980's, mercenaries were common in budding Communist countries. A lot of veterans of the Vietnam war had a hard time finding work outside of a military profession and took to mercenary work in these areas. Of course there was the mercenaries in Bosnia among a few other less publicised incidents. And now this.

I found this after debating with someone about what the phrase "freelance security consultant" meant. That's the media's way of saying "mercenary."
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