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Ancient History
Chessex and Sons of Portland, Tir Tairngire is a family-owned and operated gunsmithing and customization shop. Run and operated by the human Chevalier family (the shop was founded by Jules Chessex of Vancouver, but his sons both died and he passed the business to his daughter, Marie Chevalier and her sons), Chessex and Sons does a relatively brisk business in the very legal field of customizing weapons. The latest generation to own the shop are the brothers Adam and Roger. Adam is the older of the two brothers, with an engineer's mind and a jeweler's hands, while Roger has greater business sense and takes care of the shops financials.

Chessex and Sons holds at any time a vast arsenal of weapons and ammunition, almost all of it customized to some degree. They accept any legal work, asking for permits for the devices and payment on completion (if payment is witheld, so is the weapon). They are willing to place special orders, and have the appropriate contacts with reputable dealers throughout the world. Occaisionally, they will also accept commissions from out-of-country, when a dealer or repeat client asks for a modification and is willing to send them the piece and the specs by mail. Chessex and Sons does not deal in illegal modifications or weaponry, nor will it handle high explosives beyond underbarrel grenade launchers or the like. They do a very limited amount of business in melee weapons, usually crafting specialized bayonets or reinforced weapons for armed combat. Chessex and Sons does not deal with enchanting such weapons, allthough they can do the preliminary work to prepare the telesma for enchantment and suggest a reputable elven magician in Salem (for which they expect a 1% commission). A selection of accessories are available for purchase, these are invariably up-scale and high quality models.

As a matter of course, every customer is given a full box of regular ammunition to try out their weapon on the shooting range out back before leaving. The range set-up varies from time-to-time with the brother's needs; most often it has pop-up targets at 10 meters, 20 meters and 30 meters, but in the past it has been reconfigured as an office building to practice urban assault. Specialty rounds may also be tested before purchase, in which case one of the brothers must whip up a batch of ballistic gelatin for proper targets.

The Chevaliers enjoy good connections to the local police, and have a security contract with Hard Corps to protect the building at night or when a shipment comes in. A gunsmithing facility and electronics shop is located in the basement, the upstairs holds a set of apartments should the brothers spend the night. The shooting range is on the ground floor.


Personalized Colt Revolver
A Chessex and Sons standard 'gunfighter' modification, this pistol's stock has been replaced by reinforced solid oak grip personalized to the owner's hand, and the safety has been removed for an easier draw. Furthermore, it features a special seven-round cylinder-because of the limited space available, the thinner walls of the cylinder are made of tougher metal. Finally, the barrel has been replaced by a longer, heavier barrel for improved range and reduced recoil. The balance of the revolver is perfect despite the heft, and the knobby end of the grip makes an excellent improvised club.

Each Personalized Colt Revolver comes with a genuine cow leather quick-draw holster and a box of 10 hollow-point rounds.

Type: Light Pistol
Concealability: 4
Ammo: 7 (cy)
Mode: SA
Damage: 6L
Weight: 2
Availability: 3/12 hours
Cost: 1000 nuyen.gif

Dual Assault
A modern upgrade of an two-hundred year old French design, the Dual Assault is a heavy pistol that features a second barrel beneath the first. This larger underbarrel contains a single shotgun charge, and may be fired be means of a secondary trigger assembly. This model is much appreciated among dwarfs, who frequently end up facing larger foes than they intended. Naturally, it cannot accept any underbarrel mounts.

This weapon comes with a box of hollow point rounds and a special kevlar shotgun shell loader device, suitable for clipping onto a belt or web gear, that holds five shotgun shells. A shell may be removed from the shell loader with a free action. It comes loaded with five Big D temper shells.

Type: Heavy Pistol (Shotgun lower)
Ammo: 10 [pistol] / 1 (b) [shotgun]
Mode: SA [pistol]/ SA [shotgun]
Damage: 9M [pistol]/ 8S [shotgun]
Weight: 2
Availability: 8/1 month
Cost: 2000 nuyen.gif

Chessex and Sons' Bloodshot
This unusual weapon is a unique design by Adam Chevalier. An alternative to cybereye weapons, this prosthesis in every way resembles a high quality glass eye of the user's preference. In fact, this prosthetic replacement is a simple one-shot hold out made from advanced ceramic components. The eye is secured in an empty socket (no Essence is paid as this is not cyberware), and may be fired with a simple voice-command, and the eye fires in the direction the user is looking. Reloading the eye is complicated, and requires removing the eye and then taking a complex action. The eye is padded to prevent undue strain on the socket or accidental firing due to blows to the head, but it is not uncommon for users to suffer bloody "tears" leaking from the socket, hence the name. No barrel-mounts or optical systems may be incorporated, and smartgun systems are nearly useless.

The eyes comes wrapped in a silk handkerchief inside a box of thin, laquered teak and a box of 10 Hi-C platic rounds.

Type: Hold-out
Damage: 4L
Mode: SS
Concealability: 13 (Concealability 12 to note the eye is a prosthetic, undetectable by MAD systems)
Weight: .05
Ammo: 1 (b)
Price: 2100 nuyen.gif
Availability: (Only at Chessex and Sons) 8/96 hours
Large Mike

Gotta love the dice company reference.
Ancient History
No comment.
What's the damage code for the Dual Assault?
Ancient History
Oops. Fixed.
Ancient History
I admit, not me finest effort in the whole wide world.
I like it, but I can't see why in the world anyone would get a Bloodshot. For that damage, it's just not worth it, even if you already lost the eye... Your chances of scoring a disabling shot are about zippo,.
So that they put out your other eye to make sure you don't have a second shot? Then hack off your genitals to make sure that isn't some kind of weapon? And pull out your fingernails looking for a fingertip compartment? And yank your teeth, ditto?

I guess I am saying, to make them wonder what other silliness you may be packing? Then again, load that eyegun with a capsule round and a fast acting poison/DMSO and it may save your life. Better carry the antidote to avoid accidentally killing yourself.
How you know your player is a munchkin:

He has his ****** replaced with a one-shot micro RPG round, he has his ********* replaced with two microgrenades, he gets ALL his teeth removed in favor of tooth compartments - all full of nitroglycerine, and all the breakable kind, so he can pitch them and make bangs, he has bullet compartments in all five of his left fingertips, four razor fingertips and a monowhip in his right fingertips. He wants to replace BOTH eyes with cybereye weapons and/or Bloodshots, and get an internal sensor rig to see.
QUOTE (ShadowDragon8685)
I like it, but I can't see why in the world anyone would get a Bloodshot. For that damage, it's just not worth it, even if you already lost the eye... Your chances of scoring a disabling shot are about zippo,.

The "Tooth"...remember the "Tooth"...
QUOTE (ShadowDragon8685)
I like it, but I can't see why in the world anyone would get a Bloodshot. For that damage, it's just not worth it, even if you already lost the eye... Your chances of scoring a disabling shot are about zippo,.

Multi-initiate eyegun adepts with attuning may find it useful in a pinch.
Ancient History
It's one of those "if you build it...they will come." things. No matter how silly, runners will use any weapon at least once. Oral rams? Been there. Fang implants? Yep. Crotch-mounted cyberhorns? Ho yeah.

I dunno. I like to play with the firearm design/modification rules. You can get some weird stuff.
Crotch-mounted cyberhorns?!!?!?!


It was a girl-runner, wasen't it? smile.gif
I think we dated.
I am reminded of a line form Moby Dick.

He piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart's shell upon it.

The ultimate one-shot holdout cyberweapon - for when you have to be spiteful to your very last breath. It is the perfect Christmas gift to the vindictive combat monster who has everything else.
Ancient History
But imagine the embarassment if your chest-cannon jams.
You can't jam a single shot gun. Chest. Whatever.
Ancient History
Personally, I like the shotgun-shell belt clip. They have things like that in real life, but imagine how handy it would be in SR.
QUOTE (Arethusa)
You can't jam a single shot gun.  Chest.  Whatever.

Cholesterol could gum up the barrel or the mechanism causing it to jam. Luckily, most food in SR is soy based. Low fat and low cholesterol diets keep the cyberweapons functioning.

What would really be embarasing is if you shot your heart out and it was a dud. You can pay a Street Doc to pack your heart with high explosives but there is no way to find out if he actually did untill you use it.

Either way, the result is the same.

QUOTE (tombstone)
Here lies Predator Omega
        Beloved Father
          Mass Murder
Idiot who shot tried to shoot his heart out of his chest.

The shotgun belt clip was a good idea. So was the updated version of the LeMat. I can't imagine why there aren't more pistols with underbarrel showguns.
I think the idea is that you fire a shotgun shell from your chest, not your heart...
QUOTE (ShadowDragon8685 @ Jul 3 2005, 10:37 PM)
I think the idea is that you fire a shotgun shell from your chest, not your heart...


In Moby Dick, Ahab was so full of hatred and spite that he metaphorically shot his heart at the whale. The point of a chest-cannon is to turn the metaphorical into the literal. It is meant for those who are so vengeful that they are willing to sepnd their last bit of life to obliterate a seemingly victorious foe.

Of course, a shotgun shell works too. But, that would just be a standard cybershotgun implanted in an nonstandard location.

I just noticed that the Bloodshot is classified as a hold-out pistol and not an eyegun.

This makes it infinitly more useful to the cyclops pistol adept.
Actually if you wanted the metaphor but still wanted to live, you could always contact the Tamamous for some spare heart ammunition...
I'd say the cranial bomb already does the Moby Dick thing pretty much already.

Now, a pack of napalm in there...
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