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Full Version: TN modifications based on size
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Presently we have modifiers for vision, recoil, range, movement, and several other factors, but the difference (unless I have missed rules) between shooting a small bird and a troll at 20 feet is null. Does anyone have rules in place or ideas concerning rules over adjusting TNs based on the size of the target?

If human were the base, where would you start modifying? Dwarves? Trolls? Buses?

How big of a modifier would you make it?

Would we need to institute "sizes" for people and things like DnD?
The gunnery rules in Rigger 3 consider the size of vehicle. Characters don't modify the TN - it takes a more significant size variation to elicit a TN mod.
I would just make it so the shooting something that small would be treated as a called shot. As for anything else larger than a cat I would leave the tn's the same.

Size and movement modifiers tend to make the system overly gritty and tedious. Shadowrun run is meant to solve things quickly and efficiently.
Actually TNs get modified for Dragons in Dragons of the Sixth World. I think they suggest a modifier of -2 to -4, with -3 being standard.
There are manual gunnery modifiers on SR3.153 that take into account the size of the target. Things 1/3 the size of metahumans get a +1, things 3X the size get a -1.
We house rules similar house rules a while back. I think it might have come into play once. But it is handy to know, for when it is needed.
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