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I heard off the download that Fanpro was passing a unbound copy of Shadows of Asia at Origins. Anybody take a good look at it? If you did, what are your thoughts? What countries are covered? Anything that jumped out at you?
SoA includes rules for riggers to use their sex drones in all-new and all-shocking ways. Tentacle-wielding drones are provided in the Game Info section.

Jon Szeto and Ada Jury wrote the rules, but my NDA prevents me from telling you how did they playtest them.

What do you mean you don't believe me? biggrin.gif
Tease. frown.gif
SL James
Speaking of downloads, when will it be available on BattleCorps? Sometime this week, I hope.
I'm totally slammed until at least tomorrow with getting two versions of the Game of Thrones RPG off to press. This lovely kink in my schedule has pushed back the SOA PDF [and, well, virtually everything else on my plate] -- with luck, Friday.
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