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Full Version: Another Silly Rigger Questions
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Can you "buy" CF from available payload space.

Mostly, I want to be able to put a retrans unit, a power amp and a rating 4 sensor suite in a Condor. I've got plenty of payload but only 1 CF.
No, you can't.

IIRC, the only way to increase CF is to make modifications at design, or remove crap like seats (which, obviously, is not an option for a condor)

CF is actual space for holding stuff, while Load refers to how much weight the machine can handle without crapping out.
"Payload"? If you mean "load", no, that's just a measure of how much extra mass the engine will support and doesn't mean that there's enough space to accommodate anything with that mass.

So I'm going to have to design from scratch.
Honestly, what I'm building should be on the rack. An eye in the sky/long range network extender, with a sig of 10. This should be a standard piece of gear for any military rigger.
Bearclaw, you're talking of an AWACs. And it certainly IS standard gear; for the military.

Militaries don't like competition. smile.gif

Just modify the stock stats of a fairly beefy aircraft. That's how we make AWACs IRL. We don't build a new plane, we just customize the shit out of one that already exists.
Saeder-Krupp Schattenauge

Chassis: Miniblimp

Power Plant: Electric

DPV: 739

Final Cost: ¥36,950

Hand. 4, Speed 75, Accel 5, Body 2, Armor 0, Sig 10, Auto 0, Pilot 3, Sensor 6, Cargo 3, Load 15, Fuel E (65 PF), Econ 5 Km/PF

SunCell Power, Autosoft Interpretation System, Spotlight, Infrared Spotlight, Remote Control Interface, Rigger Adaptation

Variant: Schattenauge II

Above plus BattleTac FDDM Receiver Module (+350 DPV), total cost ¥54,450

Variant: Schattenauge S (or S II)

Above plus L5 Encryption (+250 DPV), total cost ¥49,450 or ¥66,950.

Customize to slap a retrans in as desired. I'm not precisely certain why there's an autosoft interpretation system there (despite having designed this vehicle from scratch myself…), so feel free to toss it in design.

I distinctly recall a retrains drone (both ground and aerial) being in R3.
it is. it just won't fit in a Condor. (and it's retrans.)

luckily, the vehicle creation rules can easily handle making a 'Condor' that lacks some of the extra options, in exchange for enough space to handle a retrans unit. i've got several such units myself, with my rigger char.
Maybe add on an external cargo rack and some electronics ports. Your Sig will take a nosedive, but depending on your interpretation of the rules in might work
I was thinking you could start with the GTE ford retrains and upgrade to the level 4 sensors you wanted. They will fit nicely.

Although the presence of a sun sell powered retrains & reconnaissance blimp would be reasonable enough that you could design it using the vehicle design rules and call it a standard security level vehicle.

The spotter blimp I created also had ruthenium painted on it, giving a grand TN of 14 to spot it. Oh, and the autosoft thing is really nice if you slap in Clearsight, bumping up its sensor rating. The ruthenium is kinda expensive, but then again you don't want this thing shot out from about you, especially if it's your retrans unit.
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