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Full Version: Divination and dice
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One of my players accidentally borrowed my MiTS, so I can't check my self. But this is one I didn't have an answer for when I DID have the book.

What let's you re-reoll failures on a divination test, besides he karma pool? Can you use spell pool, the initiate's astral pool, power foci? Hell, even centering, or anything?

I would just make a divination foci, but they don't seem to exist. Although they should , becuase for some means of divination , that would just be awesomse. Like the truely magical crystal ball, or the path/tarot cards.
Only Karma Pool can grant you re-rolls.

Its not unreasonble though, to expect Divination foci to exist. - They wouldn't grant re-rolls, but more dice though. (Haven't I seen them somewhere?)
sorry re-rolls in the sense of, boy I suck and need some more dice to roll, like spell pool and combat pool and the like.

I was thinking of allowing Divination foci, and maybe make it equal in cost to spell category foci.
I've been toying with the idea lately of taking Divination out of the Metamagic category and making it it's own Magic skill along with Sorcery, Conjuring, Enchanting and Aura Reading. Has anyone done something like that?
Now there's a thought, make it a specialization of Aura Reading possibly?

As for Foci, that seems perfectly reasonable. Enchanted rune stones, tarrot cards, wuija boards, dowsers and such.
Herald of Verjigorm
You mean make the skill useful for any mage at the start instead of making them buy a metamagic for it?
It'll slightly depower whatever tradition it is that gets divination before initiation already, but that's about the only drawback.
still though, is there anything that yo can rol to augment the test, like you do with combat pool and pistols, or spell pool and sorcery, anything like that?
I don't think so. Although I guess centering would work just as well for a metamagic skill as it does for a magic skill, right?
Good call Bear claw

QUOTE (MiTSpg73)

          Using Centering
An inititiate can center when using any magical skill except for astral projection.

Which I don't really get since you don't have to make a test to astrally project unless you're seriously drugged up, but whatever...

QUOTE (MiTSpg.74)
          ..... Divining skill (see p.30) is an active magical skill linked to Willpower.

So yes, apparently you can use centering for divination.

Got my MiTS back btw, 'case you hadn't noticed. biggrin.gif
Uuuh! If you can use Centering, then you can certainly use Centering Foci.

Effectively, every 2 Centering dice is 1 Divination die.
reading through Loose Alliances today, it also mentions enchanted tarot decks and crystal balls specifically in the section about the Seers. So maybe in this case, it's a centering focus, and the centering for thei divination is taror cards, or wave-arms-ominously-around-glowing-ball, that sort of thing.
There should be a divining focus, although I can see them being more limited in telesma that other foci. Eg a taro deck focus would be unusable buy somebody that uses divining threw reading tea leaves.

hehe.. diving foci - coffee cup
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
hehe.. diving foci - coffee cup

Not exactly traditional,

Tea cup would be downright common.

Expendible focus, loose tea leaves. Nast to drink, but downright accurate...
or you could go with some of AH's 'visceral magic'. cast a permanent preserve on some entrails, enchant, re-use! It's called recycling boys and girls! (plus that way those nasty blood mages save a lot of money with Tamanous).
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