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Full Version: Any word on the limited edition of the SR4 BBB?
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I didn't find anything in cursory search, and i'm stuck with dial-up speed access, and slow dial-up at that, on a time limited account. I'm wondering if details about how they will be distributed and suggested retail price has been released? I saw that it will include an extra 16 pages of fluff, but nothing about cover differences.

I was satisfied enough by the details from Gencon that i went ahead and made a no-money-down reservation on a SR4 BBB at the FLGS. The clerk had both the SR4 BBB and the limited edition in his system. The limited edition didn't have a price on it, but i figured i'd put my name down there anyway. At least for now.

Assuming it hasn't been announced already will it be in this final FAQ, whenever that might be? Approximately how long before Gencon is the info planned to be announced?
The Canterbury Tail
This is a very good question, and something I would like to know the answer to as well.
Mr. Man
From shadowrn:

QUOTE (Lars Wagner Hansen)
Ive just seen that my local dealer has two different SR4 for preorder.  A normal SR4 RPG (cost DKK 350,- which is roughly $35), and a SR4 RPG Limited Edition (cost DKK 500,- roughly $50).

QUOTE (Adam Jury)
It's a Limited Edition, similar to the SR3 Hardback. It will be numbered and have a foil-stamped cover.

I preordered mine from FRP Games for $40 (Limited Edition) along with System Failure for $20.
pre-ordered mine on ebay
Pre ordered mine from the FLGS. Assuming they get one.
Preordered and prepaid for mine at my FLGS and picked up Loose Alliances at the same time. Total cost $60us. I be happy.
Amazon has them for pre order.
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