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Full Version: Are the availability rules for any non-gun fragged
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Okay, so here's the deal. Kage was telling me about his tuesday internet game, and I was wondering if I could maybe get in on it. I was also thinking about a rather alternative character idea to your typical Shadowrunner.

So, I set out to try and make someone who is more like, say, Bones McCoy than your average slaughtering Sammie, to the point that his last name IS McCoy.

A true southern gentleman, born in Birmingham, Alabama in the year 1980, this is definately a man who remembers a time when the mighty U.S. of A was on top of the world. An awkward throw-back in the time of the Chicago Containment, he thinks cyberware is just plain unnatural. A man who took a Hippocratic Oath back when that was still in vogue, he tries to be a doctor as a doctor should be. He's not an excelent shot, dosen't have a Smartgun link (or any cyber for that matter; he's bio-rejective,) but he still takes his grandfather's Remmingtons (990 shotgun and 750 sporting rifle) out for a weekend of bear or deer hunting sometimes. When he's not managing his clinic in Chicago, he takes his Cessna C750 out to the sticks to bring medical attention to people who are a bit too remote to get it.

And then it gobsmacked me; what Cessna? I can't get it by the avail rules. Which really blows my mind away. It's not like I'm trying to get an illeagal, unregistered plane here that does not exist. I wanted him to have a perfectly legal plane, that he purchased with his perfectly legal SIN.

Sorry to ramble. That just irks me, does anyone else think that's screwed up?
well if it's perfectly legal, it works a bit differently. This is assuming that you have a SIN of course. AT that point, it's mostly left up to the GM what you have t odo to get it. Availability is generally for shadowfolk that don't have SIN's to purchase under.
True enough..

What do you think of the character concept, by the way?
Well I canít for the life of me work out while the single engine f-f Cloud Nine is so expensive compared to the Cessna C750 ether of these wound serve your purpose.

You can have one if you get it second hand. You can ether say you paid a lot more for it new but that was years ago and itís a bit worse for ware or have purchased it second hand (second hand Cessnas are quite common, especially among hobby flyers) this will reduce the cost (and thus availability) buy 60% making it available to a starting character. But it will have 1d6 undiscovered stress points one of witch can never be removed.

Second hand is a quality factor you will find on page 77 of rigger 3. you will need your GMs approval to use it. Sometimes it can make things a bit munchkin (some powerful attack drones can be obtained second hand at char gen) but in this case I would think it a more than reasonable request.

The availability of legal (without a permit) vehicles really should be little more than a guide to how long it takes to get an item when you are making legal (or seemingly legal) purchases. I would work on the bases of if you are getting any item threw legal channels your credstick will be interrogated an appropriate number of times and if it passes but you fail the etiquette test you still get the item in twice the base time. And there are records of the purchase.

QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
well if it's perfectly legal, it works a bit differently. This is assuming that you have a SIN of course. AT that point, it's mostly left up to the GM what you have t odo to get it. Availability is generally for shadowfolk that don't have SIN's to purchase under.

That's true in-game, not at chargen. Doesn't matter how legal your gear is, avail>8 and rating>6 don't fly without houserules.

I am not aware of stoping you from using the vehicle creation rules to make an aircraft that is exactly like a Cessna in every way down to name and manufacturer and getting it at Character Generation.
The thing that prevents that is that the vehicle design rules include availability ratings.

I am board so I will try it and see what happens

Lets say a twin engine aircraft 125 DP with multiplier 2.5
A jet propeller power plant would be appropriate for 75DP
There is a change in the entry points that is not an issue
an improvement of the auto nav for another 5 points
an additional 750 load for 75 DP.
2 more points of acceleration for 50 DP
speed increase of 60 costs 120DP

The result is functionally identical to the Cessna C750
450*2.5*100=112500nuyen availability 6/6days
the Cessna C750 is listed as 177000 and 9/9days

I cant for the life of me figure out what there is the discrepancy, most of the predestined vehicles I have found to be excellent value. There is an option for the GM to apply a cost multiplier for up to 3 do unusual/prototype or experimental designs but that dose not seem to apply.

Unusual. Many GMs wont allow you to use vehicle creation rules at char gen but if yours will go nuts.

Unless I missed something.

It's not like this is new technology, either.... I just want a brush plane, not a damned fighter jet.
This instance calls for a house rule on buying civilian vehicles on chargen.
You do get a 60% discount for a meaningfully second grand vehicle, as availability is based on price and whether the vehicle is restricted this comes with a 60% reduction in availability. You just need permission from your GM to use it because quality factors are an optional rule.

Just apply a few stress points to it that are permanent. There's even a rule for that in Rigger3, IIRC.
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