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northern lights
ok i don't own sota 2064, so i don't recall. but the rules were universally agreed upon as vague with this powerin all aspects.

so here's my current question:

can you buy the power twice? say once for lightning another for fire?

oh and since you're all answering, how's the damage work?
Ancient History
The text doesn't explictly allow you to buy the power more than once, but I don't see anything unbalancing about it.

If an Elemental Strike would increase the damage level beyond deadly (you have Killing Hands (D) and Elemental Strike (Blast) against an earth elemental, for example), you still only do Deadly damage (a kind GM might increase the power of the attack as with additional combat successes).

Secondary effects follow the usual rules, with the damage level of the Killing Hands determining the effects. Due to the limited area of the Elemental Srike, I suggest any items affected must be specifically targeted or be personal items of the victim

For example, if you have Elemental Strike (Acid) and Killing Hands (Deadly), you could reasonably destroy the gun your opponent is holding with a specific attack-or a disarm if the GM is feeling really nice. If you actually hit the person, the acidic fumes would nauseate them and might actually eat away at clothing or equipment on their person. Strikes to bare skin might leave acid burns. Someone in full hazmat gear is immune to the Elemental Strike.

In all effects that require the Force of the spell (such as Blast), I suggest using the adept's Magic attribute.
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