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northern lights
okay flame aura states

successful melee attack by a character surrounded by flame aura increases the POWER of its DAMAGE LEVEL by 2

so which is it?
power or dl?

Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (Critters @ Flame Aura entry)
The flames add +2 to the Power of the being's melee attacks.
northern lights
okay. thanks herald. i'm gonna assume that the spell is the same.

please correct me if i am in error
Herald of Verjigorm
Ok, spell, I thought you were looking at the spirit power.
Well, the spell says "Increase the Power of its Damage Code" not "Increase the Power of its Damage Level" and since the damage code is the whole entry, it's the same meaning.
northern lights
ok. help me out. i haven't slept in a long time.


flame aura force 3

melee attack base 11m

so does adding flame aura kick it to 13m or 11d?

the latter sounds grossly off balance to me. it's like 4 free successes.
Ancient History
And even if the spell was cast at F1, it'd deal 13M.

Its a force 1 wonder spell. Get that sustaining focus out.
And again I as a GM morn the loss of grounding hellblast from astral.

At anyrate, this is a great spell. Did they also keep in the rules about it causing combustibles to go boom? If so, a blast barrier spell might be a ggod thing to put into a sustaining focus too. smile.gif
The elemental secondary effect will work vs. stuff. So yea, stuff can blow up on the opponent.
northern lights

i assumed it was on of the low force uber spells, but i had enough nuyen.gif for the sustaining focus at 3 so...

it was an experiment to show a player how easily his "uber character" could be handled.

so, staying in the rules, i got a crab shaman physad POM and gave her a cougar fineblade focus, with arnis de mano so she could use it with close combat.

with the ambidexterity, i didn't even activate the focus. i never even attacked, no reaction enhancement. needless to say, he now thinks slightly less of his cybered troll.

thanks for the help folks!
while the spell can up the power of any melee attack from the user by +2, its main point is to do (force)M to whoever attacks him in melee combat (how that can happen if someone uses a reach weapon i cant fully understand tho. but hey, thats magic for you).
Actually, it says it May give Force(M) damage to the opponent, IF said opponent is deemed unarmored on the parts that make contact.

So, its GM call on opponent damage.

Personally, I just ask if I can get a version of it, that only covers my weapon/hands/feet as I wish. - Kinda unwieldy to be covered in roaring flames. Unless you're a Drake.. Then it might be kinda cool.
That and for the elemental secondaries, wouldn't it be subject the force => obj. resistance/2 rule for spells? A force 1 flame aura wouldn't light a cigarette let alone cook off someone's highly processed ammunition.
Yup, that it would.
Thatís the screwy thing about low intensity magical fire.

Its easier to light hardwood logs than atomized rocket fuel.

justification. Hardwood OR 3
atomized rocket fuel OR 6 -2 for highly flammable = 4

didn't know OR was modified by being highly flamable in regards to OR rules
QUOTE (weblife)
Actually, it says it May give Force(M) damage to the opponent, IF said opponent is deemed unarmored on the parts that make contact.

So, its GM call on opponent damage.

yes the gm decides if impact armor can protect against the flames. but unless we are talking hardend armor or similar it will not negate the effects of flame aura completly. remember that armor can only reduce the power of the damage to two (so casting the spell and force 1 or force two makes no diff at all).

FLAME ON! silly.gif
Yeah, I was just about to say that - we now have a Human Torch...
only thing missing is using levitate to fly and flametrower to shoot flames about silly.gif
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