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Ancient History
Orpheus' Needle
This is a somewhat archaic syringe, dental-grade steel and glass. Unlike the normal tools of chemical addicts, the device is clean and unblemished. The more martial-minded might note that it seems sturdy enough to use as a stabbing weapon.

Of unknown origin and purpose, this device has facilitated the death of dozens or even hundreds of metahumans during its long career. When claimed by a new owner (usually by theft or after the death of the previous owner), it forms a subtle mental link with their consciousness, insinuating thoughts and cravings into their dreams and waking desires. Soon, the victim, if not already a junkie, begins craving something unknown...something that the needle can provide. The spirit within the needle uses its Wealth power to produce any sort of injectible drug-heroin, cocaine in a solution of sterile water, distillate of stone toad skin, elven adrenaline, steroids, rare blood types...anything the user can imagine or desire. With the careful prompting of the spirit, those imaginings and desires can grow very great indeed.

Anyone may freely use the needle, but must pay its price: for each dose injected, the spirit drinks one karma point from the user. Often, the maddening tauntings of the spirit, coupled with the chemical addiction, lead the users to untimely deaths. At other times-when the victim has no karma, for example-the spirit uses its Accident power to cause an immediate overdose.

In the unlikely event the needle is ever used as a weapon, the needle binds itself to the target, usually at a major vein, and injects a horrible drug or poison. Should the victim be unarmored, it inevitably influences its wielder to stab it into the heart and begins to greedily drink the victim's karma, not stopping until the target is exhausted.

While the spirit within the needle is a corrupt shadow, it was not always thus. Forensic magicians with Lonestar believe it was originally crafted for a unique magical tradition that utilizes psychoactive drugs to achieve states of altered consciousness.

Orpheus' Needle is a unique, free ally spirit bound into the form of a hypodermic needle. It has a Force of 8, 7 karma, and the following powers, which are somewhat limited:
Accident (only when someone without karma uses the Needle)
Binding (only when used to attack another)
Influence (only with someone who has claimed the Needle)
Karma Tap (only when someone uses the Needle, or strikes an unarmored target)
Thought Link (only with someone who has claimed the Needle)
Wealth (drugs and injectable substances only)

The spirit's only skill is Pharmacology: 8.
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(Though I wish you were a ravishing blonde) wink.gif
Ancient History
Heh. Red-head not good enough for you, eh?
Well, there goes my fantasy. I thought he was a ravishing blonde.

The Nurses Handbook
The Nurses Handbook is a small, black book that is often found in the possession of the unfortunate owner of Orpheus' Needle.

The knowledge contained in the book, as published, is typical fare for nurses from the pre-awakened world (i.e. drugs not to be combined with each other, directions for triage and emergency care, etc.). However, some unscupulous soul has since added their own commentary in the margins and even in invisible ink across the printed text (seen with backlights or UV vision mods). The commentary appears to be as illegible as any doctor's prescription, but in fact it is in latin shorthand and has changed the books nature to a much more sinister prupose.

Those able to descipher the script find many useful chemicals that provide the release they seek from Orpheus' Needle, which when in proximity to the book can produce the chemicals as described.

An additional effect of this unique tome is that it prolongs the life of the addict by some unknown means, allowing Orpheus' Needle to draw 2d6 additional Karma from an unknown source through the unfortunate user. The cost is high, however, because the channeling of additional Karma is painful in the extreme after the drugs have worn off. The result is a period of 1d6 hours of incontinece and dementia followed by 1d6 hours of soul crushing depression. Perhaps the book manufactures the Karma it channels from the addicts suffering.

As this book is a unique artifact its game statistics are only as described above, and only apply when in the presence of Orpheus' Needle.
I have no idea where that came from...well the book was in Pulp Fiction, but not as described...
Oh man... I can already imagine shooting myself up with chocolate milk. Does it come with a straw too?

(Oh wait, it has to be unknown, not what you're already addicted to...)
You donít know it wasnít as described, in pulp fiction he bnever found the book
mmm, caramel injections...
I could have sworn he found it and it described plunging the adrenalin syringe into the heart.
I think that was reading the label on the syringe
yea, that was in the scene where the girly OD'd and to have any chance of bringing her back he had to inject something directly into her heart.

As an aside, the sound of that needle hitting has to be one of the BEST sound effects i think i've heard...
It was definitely cool.
Ancient History
One needle giveth life, and the other taketh it away...hmm, maybe it simulates the Fist of God rule.
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Jul 20 2005, 11:55 PM)
Heh. Red-head not good enough for you, eh?

Red-heads are fine, it's just that I'm straight. rotfl.gif
So, did I add or subtract from the cool factor?
Ancient History
No idea. Ask me after I have a nap.
Ancient History
Are y'all tired of all thes uber-artifacts and books of forbidden lore? Seriously.

Hell no, kep em comming. smile.gif
Already tied two or three of them into my meta plot I"m using.

Any of my players, no peaky!!
[ Spoiler ]
Yeah, keep 'em coming - they're great smile.gif I've printed out a few of 'em just in case I need something to throw my players off balance if they've got my plot derailed...

The Dead Man's Book and a couple others are already in my campaign or soon will be...

I swear, what would the stats on the Broodwich be? It'd have to involve metaplanar gateways and disembodied voices... "The Broodwich can not be taken apart OR disassembled!"
but I don't like sun dried tomatoes. smile.gif
*does free brain surgery on Mortax*

Now eat 'em.

[edit] Talk about a wierd metaplane that would be...everything is abstract simplistic art...and an oval with one eye, one leg and an axe wants to kill you.
QUOTE (Mortax)
but I don't like sun dried tomatoes. smile.gif

The broodwich <b>Cannot</b> be disassembled.

I once threatened one of my players that Carl would end up his landlord if they let me choose their lifestyle for them.
Ancient History
Oh hey, forgot about this one. Remind me to share my latest Magic Idea some day.
QUOTE (Ancient History)
Oh hey, forgot about this one. Remind me to share my latest Magic Idea some day.

Here's your reminder. Now share. nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Aug 16 2005, 03:45 PM)
Oh hey, forgot about this one. Remind me to share my latest Magic Idea some day.

Here's your reminder. Now share. nyahnyah.gif

hear hear, I second that smile.gif
Can I third it? smile.gif
Ancient History
I've got a few books I haven't fully fleshed out yet, but I suppose I could present this old gem:

Excerpt from the Diary of Malcolm Owens:

Success. I have pilfered the Vatican's Black Library, with none the wiser. This single shard from Dee's mirror is the key to fathomless arcane power. My research has showed this shard was hidden by Dee after his last communion with Enoch, and that the late Aleister Crowley inherited it. Certainly, it was Crowley who encased the obsidian in gold, stamped with binding spells in the three languages of the angels. I have only to gaze into the mirror as the Beast himself did, and draw forth its wonders...

The Obsidian Shard
This palm-sized amulet is an oviod piece of polished obisidian; the sides and back encased in gold-plated bronze, marked with obscure passages in three distinct alphabets.

Any magician with the Divining metamagic may gaze into the mirror, this brings them into communion with the entities that the mirror's maker worshipped and dealt with. These entities are ancient, alien, and malevolent, but they still retain certain interests upon this plane of existence, and will deal with anyone who manages to contact them.

In exchange for services and sacrifices of living beings upon this plane, the beings allow the mirror's possessor to summon and control some of their servitor creatures. One creature may be summoned per round by an exclusive complex action, provided the magician is holding the mirror and has successfully bargained for their use. These creatures may only appear on the astral plane, except in background counts of 5 or higher, or on power sites or mana lines rated 5 or higher.

The simplest servants conjured by a Shard bearer are a breed of loathsome, primordial servitor creatures. The services of these creatures are relatively cheap, and they are easier to threaten or frighten into submission.

Gum Toads
These toadlike  creatures are piles of barely mobile fat that excrete a gooey, binding gel. Their primary attack consists of body-slamming a target and binding him or her to the ground until the victim suffocates. Like the crawlers, the gum toads prefer to leap at their victims for the maximums care factor. A magician may control as many of these creatures as their initiate grade; only a foolish magician would call up more.

B 12
Q 3 x 2
S 7
C 2
I 4
W 4
E (6)
R 3
Initiative: 3 + 2d6

Armor: 3/3

Astral Pool: 6
Combat Pool: 4

Attack: Body-slam (7M damage, 6 dice for Melee attack), followed by Binding

Powers: Binding (as Critter Power)

More power-crazed magicians seek the favored servants of the ancient beings that empower the Obsidian Shard; the dangerous revenants that were once foolish enough to believe they too could bargain with the ancient masters. Their services are more expensive.

These abominations are ancient creatures, and yet seem perfectly adapted to modern times. They look like giant spiders, bt their "legs" are actually furred tentacles. Upon close inspection, these creatures appear to have once been human, now horribly twisted by the pain and powerful magic that brought them into being. They can walk, but prefer to leap at their victims. Their movements are completely silent. Rumor has it these beings are made from the previous holders of the Obsidian Shard. A magician may control as many of these creatures as their initiate grade; only a foolish magician would call up more. "Do not call up what you cannot put down."

B 10
Q 8 x 5
S 12
C 6
I 6
W 8
E (6)
R 7
Initiative: 7 + 4d6

Armor: 8/10

Astral Pool: 6
Combat Pool:4

Each turn, the Crawler attacks with two tentacle attacks and a mouth bite. If the mouth bite is successful, or if both tentacles hit, the victim is effected by the crawler's venom.
Tentacle Attack (x 2): 12 M Stun each

Crawler Venom (may not be harvested)
Vector: Contact
Speed: Instant
Damage: Special (Victim and Crawler make an opposed Body test; the victim loses 1 point of Reaction for every two successes scored by the Crawler. This Reaction reduction affects cyberware, bioware and magical increases to Reaction as well. Reaction is restored at one point per minute after the combat ends.

Aura reading or psychomancy attempts trigger an automatic Supremacy Duel; with the amulet treated as possessing a Magic Rating and Sorcery Skill of 8. Magicians "scorched" in this duel gain a flaw for each magic point lost.

For purposes of astral combat or other effects, treat the focus as having a Force rating of 8.

No karma is needed to bond this focus (what, you think they want it to be difficult?)

Rumors hint that with the proper spells or precautions, the mirror may contact other entities than the ancient masters who first inspired its creation, but all attempts have so far failed.
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