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Someone brought the TV Miniseries of Dune into work a few days back and I started thinking of an SR knife specialist based upon Muad'Dib as portrayed in the miniseries. I had decided an adept would be the way to go (could be wrong?).

What kind of powers would you give this guy? As a starting character, I was thinking maybe a few levels of that power which gives extra dodge dice (forgot name), maybe some improved ability (edged weapons), maybe counterstrike, Commanding Voice, astral perception possibly...

Any ideas?
Yes Adept is the way to do Paul Antradies

Probibly some Combat sense,
perhaps quick Strike

JackDaddy has some good ideas, but don't stray too far into conversion. Look into Middle Eastern knife-fighting techniques, especially ones involving a kris-knife (which is an acutal knife/dagger).
I figured he'd probably use something more like a jambiya.
Not just knives. Don't forget that Paul Atreides was first trained to be an expert fencer. Don't forget traceless walk for that Sandwalking . . .
Digital Heroin
SURGE to explain them spicy, spicy eyes...
Sweet, I forgot all about SURGE. biggrin.gif
I would also give him sprint, for that too fast movement and gliding so he doesn't sink into the sand unless he wants to. Also, improve his senses (the Mentat training, Paul would have been a mentat if not for benejesserat meddling and being the heir to House Atreides)
Actually just give him the Cognition Metamagic and you're set for Mentat training. Maybe give him a Mnemonic Enhancer mutation (prolong exposure to mutagenic substance -Spice).
many many ays to make Paul Mua-dib. Hell, you could make Wierding a tradition and make him a Phys-mage... Limiting spell selection to those abilities shown in Dune
The Stainless Steel Rat
"I can Kill with a word..."

Distance strike with incantation geas? Otherwise we need to start looking at Mage/PhysMage for spell casting...

The Voice = Mesmerize?

I don't even know if this one is canon (no Books here), but I've used it before. If you won't allow this as an Adept power, see above...
Hed have to have the divining metamagic. A custom IA:divining or a Adept power that reduces divining TNs would also be useful. Moad'Dib was practically omniscient near the end.
For the mentat stuff, would it be possible to use Attribute Boost>Intelligence?
The Stainless Steel Rat
I don't see why not... What "Mentat Stuff" do you mean in particular?

Language Skill -> Battle Speak

What About the Juice?!?

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the Juice of Safu that thoughts aquire speed
the lips aquire stains,
the stains become a warning-
It is by will alone I set my mind in motion."

I love Piter DeVries.
Then there's my all time favorite parody of that mantra.

It is by caffeen alone that I set my mind in motion.
By the Brew and the Dew that my thoughts aquire speed,
the hands aquire a shake,
the shake becomes a warning-
It is by caffeen alone that I set my mind in motion.
Divining for sure. Spice trance skill as his divining ability. Most of his premonitions came during the spice trances he'd subject himself too.

Combat Sense - This is a precognitive sort of ability. Paul would have it at three easily.

Commanding Voice - It's always been my opinion that the idea for this power came from Dune initially.

Distance Strike - Geasa this one to incantations. Kill with a word right there.

Enhanced Perception - This could also account for premonition. Having watched an event unfold once before you'd know more about it when you're there. This one could be geased as well, only events witnessed previously with divining.

Kinesics - This is another one that looks to have come from Dune. Bene-geserit all the way here.

Motion Sense - I'd do this one like Enhanced Perception. Gease it to Divining for sure.

Side Step - Same reasons as Combat Sense.

Sixth Sense - Again, as Combat Sense.

As far as Mentat abilities. In the books it didn't go to heavily into Paul's mentat stuff. Several of the powers from SoTA touch heavily on what a Mentat could be able to pull off. Eidetic Sense Memory for one. Three Dimensional Memory for another. Multi-tasking could probably fit in there too.

The face-sculpting, voice manipulation, and melinin control all scream Face Dancer by the way. Another Dune type character.
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