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Full Version: sr4 otaku?
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I know there was some information put out here awhile ago. I was wondering are there any more paths like the hermetic and shamans? smile.gif
According to the Origins FanPro seminar the otaku have been reborn as Technomancers and changed by the events of the Crash of 64 - what exactly those are will be revealed in System Failure. What varieties of technomancers there might be is still unknown and nothing has been said about them or if they exist. What is known is that, like their predecessors, they will not require a commlink to interface with the AR/WMatrix 2.0.
As you mentioned System Failure - i haven't read anything about Critical Error over the last weeks. Is this book still planned or covers SF everything (it wasn't supposed to do so iirc)?

When the project was originally announced a few months back, the idea was to make it a complementary set of sourcebook (Critical Error) and campaign book (System Failure) - sort of like YotC and WotC, though not exactly.

This was condensed into one single, bigger book - System Failure - which will feature a hybrid format with lots of fiction and 3 parallel track style campaigns (BitB and Mob War-style) covering the major events of the Crash 2.0 (and a lot more to boot) and their ramifications from corp boardrooms to street-level intrigue.
Sounds good - i really enjoyed the style of bitb and mob war. smile.gif

Any idea of the release date? Or when it's been shipped to the stores?
A technomancer? You mean a lame elf decker archtype from SR2?
Technomancer is what the new version of the Otaku is called. They've changed and grown up since the Crash 2.0 smile.gif

By using old slang for a decker? I guess it beats 'Digital Wizard'.
What Bull doesn't mention is that Otaku are changing because Kearney-Fuchida engines are being introduced.

(A cookie to whoever knows what I'm *really* talking about) wink.gif
It's what BT ships use to jump. Bonus if you know what the sails are for.
To collect solar energy to power them! Because for some rediculous reason if they use thier nuclear engines that all jump ships have they will overload the KF drive!
It's what BT ships use to jump. Bonus if you know what the sails are for.

We have a winner! You don't get the cookie, though, as you forgot to mention The Big Lie. nyahnyah.gif
After having read The Big Lie for the first time, I feel compelled to ask: does anyone take this theory seriously?
Huh...well, I can tell you that at no point does any of it make sense. I don't understand what it's trying to get at.
Me either.
to add the classic good v evil battle into the 3 game universes.

Honestly though, i see the "criminal" and the "enforcer" reversed in the 6th world. The criminal is the force behind corporations and oppression, where the enforcer is fighting that constrictive influence to metahumanity. though aside from that change, who ever wrote that, in my opinion, is nuttier than squirrel turds.
I'd rather replace Enforcer with The Bunny and Criminal with Stealth-Ninja-Pirat-Bunnies. Makes no sense at all, but it's bunny, so it's at least funny. Well, to me at least.

Meaning: What the hell is that about? If there is any connection at all, could you point it out, so that we dump people may laugh, too?

Damn, some people around are plain weird... sarcastic.gif
It was just a joke regarding the changes to Otaku, but nevermind. My humor is glitching too often today.
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