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Full Version: shadowrun timeline?
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Is there anywhere I can get a shadowrun timeline to bring me up to speed. I have been out of the game for a while and ALOT has happened in the years I have been gone.

Even a fan site with this info would do.

Many Thank's!
Herald of Verjigorm
This one is linked from the Dumpshock main page.
SR timeline

WOW! Perfect! Thank you. smile.gif
NICE TOOL, very handy.

Urm is this going to be updated when SR 4 comes out?

Also it seems to be missing 2064 stuff. State of the art and beyond. Not that I mind buying state of the art though.

What I am getting at is: how often is this updated. smile.gif
State of the Art 64 and later Books update till Feb 2064, and even that are only 3-4 entries...
Oh of coarse! How silly of me. embarrassed.gif
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