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Full Version: Dumpshock Timeline Search Problem
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Am I doing something wrong? In the Shadowrun Timeline here at dumpshock I put a criteria in the search field and it comes up with nothing, almost as though I entered nothing at all. frown.gif

Is anyone else finding this? In case you need to know where I mean, go Here
Are you hitting the enter button on your keyboard or actually clicking the "search"-button on the webpage.

I experience the same problem if I write for instance "Ares" and then just hit enter. If I instead tab and then hit enter och click on the search-button it works just fine.
I have had mixed results, and I could not figure out what the issue was. Unfortunately I just stopped trying.
Nah! I get this issue when I hit enter and hit the search button.

I wonder who to report the bug to.
Try the dumpshock administration sub-forum.
Will do cheers! smile.gif
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