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Full Version: Full Auto and Multiple Targets
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I ran a few searches, went through the FAQ and errata, didn't pull up an answer for this question that's been nagging at me for a couple days.

So here it is, when using full auto on multiple targets do the rules function as they do with melee combat? In other words does combat pool have to be divided amongst each target? Does each target get it's own dice roll or can rolling once and factoring successes from that work?
you split the combat pool. or more correctly, you spend dice from the pool on each target and those dice only return to the pool when it refreshes. and from what i recall that should be long after the complex action is over...
That's how the melee rules work. Do you have a page reference hobgoblin? Or could you point me in the right direction towards one?
115 should do the trick.
and 43 for basics on dice pools...
It doesn't say specifically in either place. I'm guessing that having to divide it is valid though. The example talks about multiple tests, one for each target. The combat pool rules specifically mention adding them to each individual test. Sense these are invdividual tests then they should be allocated seperately.

The part I find confusing is that it's specifically mentioned that you need to divide combat pool under the melee rules but not under the full-auto rules. Nothing in the errata or FAQ that I can find on it.
diffrent ways of saying it, same meaning.
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