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Full Version: blueprint repository
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Fygg Nuuton
I remember a webpage from some time ago which had floorplans to alot of buildings, ships and aircraft.

anyone know what i'm talking about, and what the URL is?
Herald of Verjigorm
I know of this one.
Wassa matter Fyggy? getting tired of drawin' 'em all out? I liked your floor plans. Very nifty.
Chibu has several, I'll ask him to post next time I talk to him.
Fygg Nuuton
I can make my own, but i'd like some inspiration nyahnyah.gif
Any one know were I can get my hands on blue prints of a high school? Not surpriseningly most schools no longer put maps of their buildings on the internet any more. Have checked out the sites I know of buildings for Shadowrun but no luck.

Brought to you by
I am surprised that is still up...
Yeah, Im with Fygg, I can make you plans, just give me an idea of what you want. Especally Small commerical stuff (and then especally small convience stores, so You want a drawing for running Food Fight, you have one now.)
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