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Full Version: Heavy & Medium Tank Chassis
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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has the details for Heavy & Medium Tank chassis that were used in SOTA 2063 for the LeopardIII and Keiler A4 tanks.

I heard they were in the Revised German edition of Rigger3 (don't know how true that is). But if any one has these in english or german (i'm not fussy) could they let me have the details.

Thanks for your time.
Looking at my english version of R3R it be under APC stats (since the tanks are listed under APCs). First set of numbers is for tracked and the wheeled with be in () however you spell that word.

Body- 7(6) Start CF- 18 max CF- 96 Handling- 5/5 (4/6) Armor- 6 Autonav- 0
Sensor- 0 Seating- 1 (1b) Entry points- 1d+1h+1x Design points- 800 (750) mark-up- 1

Was this what you were looking for?
hmm, sad realy that these are not listed in the rigger 3 to rigger 3 revised list of changes.

oh hang on, wasnt adam supposed to put some stuff about tanks up on srrpg some time in the future?
Didn't the stats come out in the German version of Rigger 3? Not English perhaps, but still better than nothing.
Hi Angelone

No, i have those stats they're for the APC. I wanted the ones they used for SOTA2063 to make the heavy tanks.

Yes i believe they only appear in the German version of Rigger3.

Adam said in another post on the subject that he would try and get hold of the Stats but nothing as of yet. So i was hoping some one with a German version of Rigger3 could post them here. I would be eternally grateful.
Has anyone managed to find any info on these.

Some one some where must know.

Just modify a GMC bulldog, like every Rigger who wants a tank. smile.gif
LeoIII and Keiler are German-only.

I'll check with my group at the weekend, if you sen dme a PM and remind me of that on friday. I only have English books. I don't like the German setting much and the translations are usually quite horrible.
Thanks hermit.
Austere Emancipator
You can make do with the Heavy Caterpillar chassis, if need be. It's good for other heavy military vehicles as well.
only thing needed is a bit of reworking of the engine's load rating.
but then again, isnt tanks famus for having unreliable engines?
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