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I'm going to start a little campaign that I dub "Fixer Wars". As you might expect, there will be many fixers (as NPCs) in this game. So to help kick start my imagination in creating some interesting NPCs, I'd be happy to see descriptions of your favourite fixers - quirky traits, personality, speciality, base of operations.
Spider is, uniquely enough, a Troll fixer. Trolls don't usually have the quick wit and savvy to make it to the top, and that's exactly the kind of prejudice that Spider used against his enemies to make it to his fixer position. So called because of the numerous scars crossing the the deep leathery skin of his face, like a cracked windshield or a spider web, Spider upholds the finest traditions of "fixing" by dealing left and right. He is an intelligent, well-educated, very patient and calm individual. However, those who show him disrespect or try to cross him find how just how dangerous an angry troll is.

Spider usually deals out of the basement of an abandonned factory connected to the Ork Underground. His specialties are obtaining bodywear cyber and firearms.
Sal Worthington.

Sal actually runs a technically-legal used-car lot. (Some of his customers might disagree, though.) Sal likes to play up the dumb used-car salesman shtick, so he frequently dresses in loud polyester suits with day-glo shoes. He's famous for his late-night commercials on the lesser trideo channels, which usually involve him and some stunt-performing paranormal animal, all to a cheerful theme balatantly ripped from "If you're happy and you know it": "If you want a great big deal, go see Sal!"

Naturally, Sal's used-car lot is an excellent cover for quite a few things. While Sal specializes in vehicles, quite often he can produce things that "someone left in the trunk". He also can do a fair job with false identites, by backtracking the paper trail needed to legally purchase a car.

Still, his primary use is in finding and modifying vehicles. Sal can lay hands on just about any stock passenger car within 72 hours, by horsetrading with other used-car dealers. (These vehicles will have 1d3 hidden Stress points, but don't tell the players that.) Sal can also provide a -2 TN to a search for more elaborate or esoteric passenger vehicles.

Sal also has a full vehicle facility that can be made availiable to people who meet his price. He's been known to run a mostly-legal chop-shop out of it, stripping down older cars for their parts-- it's just that sometimes, he doesn't have the full paperwork on the cars he's chopped. The shop can perform any legal mod on a vehicle easily-- they are guaranteed to have the needed parts on hand. They can perform illegal mods as well, although they may require the shadowrunners to provide their own parts.
Shhesh, this is an easy one - I demand that the players create "their" NPC's with further use in mind, apart from being a handy source of AV rounds.

A small sample:

Redliner is a street-doc for machines, a Mr Fixit that will cuss you for ruining such an elegant piece of technology. If you can steer clear of the rambling discourses on various technological advances, he's able to grunt out a few numbers and names that might help in the way of getting jobs, equipment. Or just general junk, really.
(Human, but that's still under debate. Lots of cyber, not much in the way of people skills. Likes machines. White, greasy, stooped.)

Stumpy (Stumpy No-Legs) will lay the smack down on people "he don't like", no matter what their size, shape or sex. Oddly enough, he makes a good living as a fixer, which goes to show that people sometimes really don't give a damn as long as the money is right.
(Short Dwarf, obvious cyber legs, a keg of C12 with a short fuse.)

Jameson (Jameson Freer) has various contacts along the Merc fraternity and more along with the various mechanics, fixers and other unsavoury sorts. From this network, he hears many things and can organise a meeting between parties that may prove mutually agreeable. If he's happy with how things turn out, he may suggest his services as a possible paid "networker".
(Dwarf "Technical Advisor" during the Euro Wars, now battered and showing his age.)

Lonesome Lawson is a successful 'monger after figuring that making a killing on fetishes, etc, was cheaper than dodging bullets. Knows a good deal, and knows that friends will take care of friends. And enemies are better left in pieces. (Human, Big black biker-type, possibly ex-ganger mage)

"Evil Mo" is a capable fixer, an able supplier (and disposer) of various items but shows not the slightest sign of human emotion. Tends to dress in old-chic suits, that look sort of recycled from bodies that fell to inter-corp fighting, judging by some of the more noticable holes. It is hoped that Mo washed the suits before wearing them.
(Thin and hairy, with obvious latin background from somewhere. Human, but has less observable empathy than a nail.)

James "Lucy" Lucino is a man who knows his guns. And ammo. And explosive devices. What he doesn't know is the whole "legal import of dangerous weapons" deal. But he does know a few people who might need work with the whole import/export of things that go "bang".
He likes his money, but stays bought - fiscal honesty, he calls it.
(Very, very tranquil red-headed dwarf. Yeah, screws with the stereotype, don't it?)

Professor Neon (Not to be mistaken for Dr Neon, Dr Ne0n, Pr0 N3on, etc, etc) is another fixer, but one that's not seen in the flesh. Still, s/he? hasn't lied yet, not even to make a point. Funny, that something so anonmyous as the Matrix relies so much on honesty. Supplies data, news on runs and possible jobs in exchange for traceless script. Friend-of-a-friend sort of stuff, but with explosions.
(A fanged yellow smiley. He's an iconic presence and that's about it.)

Dave (Dave Mulholland, known as "Mulholland Dave") is a sharp cookie and knows that even though magic is impresive, so is having a wall of muscle kick in your door and make your day a bit more complicated. Uses the best tools for the job, and knows that sometimes they are a blunt instrument.
(Human, power-dresses in lawyer suits.)

While working at his bar, "Bill" keeps an ear out, but nobody knows who it belonged to. Will pass along assorted titbits for a little extra on the tab. About as trustworthy as a used car salesman but lacks the style. (Tired, human. Looks like flotsam that waited until the original "Bill" died, then hid the body and stole the identity.)

Sideshow Don is a mage-wage-rage for hire. Tend to be dropped in it so would like some other newer, dumber, faces to take the slack. Doesn't sugar anything, poor social skills and likes to summon numerous bound elementals to fry welshers.
No one welshes on Sideshow Don.
(Merc Human Mage/Fixer (Magical). Black hair, scarred from some severe backlash. Gritty, cynical. Good at his job.)

Mrs Demia tends to be another's hand-me-down contact, just after the handee has departed this mortal coil in some bloody manner. As soulesss as a corp spokesperson, she's managed to keep the right fingers in the right pockets while filling her own. Trust her as you would trust an Aztechnology Blood mage. (Respectable aged matron-type, human. Has 5 bodyguards on call at all times and about as much empathy as a chopping-block.)

Red Alistair (Probabily his real name, odd enough to be a talking-point.) Elven street ganger who has risen among the lower scum to be a rather dangerous individual. Member of an Anchients Sub-chapter. Tall, black hair with green streaks, Anchient's ganger decals everywhere. If you're of "the noble race" - he'll do biz...

I can go on, but I think that's a reasonable selection.
Mari Kurosawa,
Cyber Logician, Seattle Metroplex Guard, Fort Lewis. Kendo practicioner in an Ft. Lewis dojo. Average looking japanese woman. She works in a special operations function and has build a net of shadow contacts. Much of her activity is providing runs on a "friend of a friend"-basis for other fixers. For those clients who demonstrate a real samurai attitude, she also works as fixer for miltech equipment.

Wacky? Ok.

My newest contact - Snow White

tall, beautiful human woman with blue eyes, black hair, pale white skin. Center of Operations seems to be Downtown. Allthough a mage of considerable power, she specializes in electronics. Maybe because her stable of seven dwarves provides the stereotypical skillset...
The importer:

Elderly British vetran, runs an antique shop in downtown Denver. Rare and exotic items of various legal natures fall into his hands, and as long as you don't ask questions, and maybe listen to a (dubious) war story, they might be for sale. He walks with a cane, and although he's convinced everyone it's a gun cane, no one has ever seen him shoot.
Not so much a name, but an idea.

A fixer who always ends up on top, even without ######## the people he's hired by (well ... without them knowing it, anyway).

He specializes in locating rare and hard to find weapons. Here's the catch -- he just finds someone who has it, and lets you get it for a small(ish) finders fee (usually just the base price pre-SI). So he finds that there's a predator in the hands of a sprawl ganger. The runner does smash and grap, kills the ganger, and gets their greedy little hands on the gun. And then the fixer collects his pay for assassinating the sprawl ganger.
Louie aka Slimie Louie, Louie the Horseman, Louie the Pimp

Louie is an elf, a black elf to be exact. From his perfectly laid hair to his well manicured fingernails he looks like a well-off gentleman. Well, at least if you can overlook his taste in clothing, accessories and cars. Big hats, sunglasses, white suits and rose colored shirts, big Rolex clock and brilliant rings. Not to mention the fake pelt and the big, pimped up street-cruiser. Louie oozes charm from every pore of his perfect skin and has the smooth tongue to go with it. At least if you can ignore the "Street" in his speech and his slightly off-target quotes and jokes

He's "The Man" you want to meet if you are in search of illegal drugs, prostitutes of legal (and illegal) age and similar vices. And given the number of "horses" he has running, he is also the man to talk to if you need information. He might not know everything but he might know someone who knows...

So if you are male and can stomach some sick behaviours and a violent rape of good taste in clothing, Louie is a nice contact. If you are female, the advice is to pack a big gun and the will to use it.

Inspired by:

and all the clichee pimps since "The Bronx"

Digital Man -
Semi-retired Orc Combat Decker (I took the guy from the book, and added 50 contacts, a matrix ettiquette of 6, negotiation of 6, and 1 million in gear, software and lifestyle). He specializes in paydata, money laundering and ID's, but with his connections he can get anything.
He is openly friendly, and is happy to help out a chummer, as long as he's getting paid and things are going his way. In reality, he's icy cold, and will protect his interests without a thought for who pays the price.
He rarely meets in person, preferring the matrix, where he feels safe and secure. If there is a face to face, he always picks the place and is always accompanied by Grenda, a gigantic obviously cybered troll street sam and Wanda, and unreasonably attractive orc mage.
And another one:

Remy, just Remy.

He's a Cop! A damned corrupt one! His family has a long tradition among New Orleans worst, cashing in on local bar owners to overlook violations against the "Minimum Age of Sale" or "Assistance in Prostitution", getting payed by the local crime-lord to warn him of upcoming raids and leaning hard on the local scum for money, favors and the occasional bust.

He's on the take and the Shadowrunners know it. So if you need some information from the police computer, call Remy.

If a gang is sitting in the wrong place, well busting gangs look good in the press and Remy always has a few colleques who'd like to "look good"

Need something that is impounded and not too flashy? Speeding ticket ereased? Some minor proofs to be damaged/contaminated? Again, Remy is your man!

Inspired by:

biggrin.gif grinbig.gif rotfl.gif @Cain

If you wanna car or truck
Go see Sal
If you wanna car or truck
Go see Sal
If you wanna car or truck
but only got a buck
Go see Sal
Go see Sal
Go see Sal

"Hey Im Sal Worthington and this is my dog Spot, if you wanna save on a slightly used, almost new Eurocar Westwind, come to the Downtown Auto Mall and see me, Sal Worthington. If you can find a better deal, you can have my dog!"
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