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Full Version: Head Transplantation
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mattness pl
Thanks to author of "Brain transplantation" topic I recall article (in polish) about head transplantation posibilities.

I found something like this on google
The first successful mammalian head transplantation was done in 1970

I really don't know is that subject worth this board, and is that good idea to merged such... posibility into Shadowrun universe.

- AFAIK (but I'm not sure info abouy this info) technically it is possible to transplate one's person head to other human body.
- That's only gossip but I heard there was an attempt in Swiss (I repeat: gossip!).

What you think about this, chummer?
Heh... Did you click on the "Modern Nanotechnology" link? I'm pretty sure it's a joke site. wink.gif
mattness pl
In polish + my comment.
Maybe this English site is a joke. But not biggest newspaper in my country smile.gif .
the link points to a university. looks like a classic spoof.

How could it eat? We have not been able to conenct nerves yet.

Meaning it would have choked immediately.
mattness pl
Never trust media.
Both of you're right, me and those newspaper was fooled.
My fault - those polish newspaper had another article about "posibility of head transplatation". Do you remember Doctor "Robert Wihite" (Spelling) from this university link? Yes - polish reported even didn't wrote correct name LOL.

Actually - to clarify - the newspaper article linked in this thread is perfectly serious, but what it really deals with are the legal implications of various medical procedures, transplants, egg donation, euthanasia, etc., and the person interviewed is a legal expert.

It starts off with an excerpt from a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi story by Stanislaw Lem (Twin brothers get into a car accident - one has massive trauma to his torso and limbs, the other one is a vegetable because of brain trauma, and his wife agrees that his body be used for transplants to save the other brother's life - and 40% of it ends up being used in this manner eventually. The insurance company then refuses to pay out his life insurance, claiming that he's still 40% alive, and so on and so forth...), which the interviewer uses to segue into the possibility of head transplants and inherent legal issues. (don't know whether he's not quite being serious there, or his Google-fu sucks) The lawyer gives a deadpan answer, and the article moves on to other - real life - issues.
mattness pl
Thanks mmu1 for translation.
I suspect this guy was fooled by this eng. site I mentioned in my first post. The same polish newspaper HERE in it's well known, and reliable (IMHO not anymore) science section mentionened:
Dr Robert Wihite thinks, that head translplantation is technically possible. And he had no ethical problems, to try this

As I mentioned earlier, "Dr Wihite" is dr White from "Head transplantation" spoof article.
One student fooled so many people.
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