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There's a growing LARP scene here in Uruguay, mostly thanks to Vampire and a gaming pub that hosts it. A few weeks ago, the owner/organizer asked me about co-organizing a Shadowrun LARP at some point late this year or early 2006 (SR4 has drawn out of the closet a lot of old and new SR fans). I'm not going to discuss rules issues here, mind you. Not until SR4 comes out.

What I'm looking for are ideas for a good LARP campaign, roughly modelled after what's been played here with VtM (players can LARP while at the pub, and there's a bi-monthly "Elyseum" gathering... it's more dynamic than what I'm describe, trust me wink.gif).

Obviously, we can't talk about a single runner team, unless anyone can show me a credible 25-members group. wink.gif We also want to keep it in the streets. cyber.gif

My idea is to use the Underworld sourcebook, grouping players by syndicates. Each organization has enough flavor to make it unique and distinctive, so players can choose what kind of criminal they want to be. Other than their personal goals, they'd have to advance the syndicate's fortunes (and if that means backstabbing someone else, so be it).

It could go like this:

Classic, old fashioned. Blood ties. No one does it like the Family, capisce?
However, they're a bit light on the mystical side, thanks to the old capos' suspicion of the Awakening.

Corp backed. Honor, tradition and katana-wielding ninjas. wink.gif
They'd pack the biggest punch when it comes to augmentations.
Flaw: Anti-metahuman and pro-japanese. The Seoulpa are a pest.

Gung-ho. Magical goodness to boot. Chow-Yun Fat's followers will flock to this. nyahnyah.gif

Seoulpa Rings:
Tech-savvy, diversified, cell-like structure. A character might have more personal power, as he/she could effectively become a Ring's leader.
Flaw: Small. Very, very small. Also, the Yaks.

More or less like the Rings, except smaller. There's the possibility of having the LARP as a gang-themed campaign, but we like the syndicates more.

Ghost Cartels:
Exotic, drugs, they can speak Spanish. wink.gif
Flaw: Aztechnology Corporate Security. Nuff' said.

Lone Star:
Potentially, we could have a LS faction. Or undercover cops. devil.gif

As you can see, it's all a rough sketch so far. What we're missing are good ideas to keep 30 players happy and involved. We're thinking of starting with an adaptation of Mob War, but after that, who knows?

Ideas? Opinions? Cute sisters?
Fygg Nuuton
i could see a gang LARP as fun, but it could get out of hand quickly.

silly vandals
Just don't LARP it too well, or you're going to be spending a long time explaining to the real police why you're not real criminals, you're fake criminals. smokin.gif

Bonus points if anyone manages to actually con or bribe a policeman. smile.gif
Bonus points if anyone manages to actually con or bribe a policeman. smile.gif

Hehehe no comment. rotfl.gif
Well there is supposed to be a SR Larp at GenCon this year... Not that I can figure out how THAT all is going to work....
Airsoft guns, pyro tech, and real onsite computer hacking!? biggrin.gif

Basically to make a Shadowrun LARP work you need to have a setting that highly discourages guns and violence of any sort. A meeting of various gang chapters and their Mafia and /. or corporate sponsors might be good - but make it clear that the gang boss has demended that there be no violence.

I ran a Shadowrun LARP at GenCon UK a couple of years back, it was set at a corporate launch party. A few players were Shadwrunners, many were corporate and there were also journalists and security personnel.
Or go all-out, tool up with paintball guns and stuff, and the fire continues until you can't take it anymore. The only 'armor' you're allowed to have by default is the face shield, and thick (denim) clothes. No protective garments unless your character buys one. That way, you get to FEEL the Stun damage comin' atcha.
Something like this would take some serious setup. You can use airsoft guns, but would need access to a few large facilities.

a few quick ideas, (kidnap or free a kidnapped hostage) Tie someone up and have them hostage in a closet... do a raid on the house. Get some of those screamer alarms for the doors/windows etc,

If you know someone with a business building, has some people as corp security.
inside a decker has to hack his way through it, or if you have a laptop , they have to get to a place using the netrunner game ... etc. .. or find a file on the computer ... copy

complicate things with locked doors, and screamers

Would be really interesting if you have multiple computers in the office and they have to find a specific file on one of them. (they would be like data nodes)

copy it to usb ... use that a paydata.... have to come back to mr johnson.

I think that I would like to set something like this up, anyone in toronto area interested?
Interested, yes. Toronto, no.

feel like a weekend trip?

I could also start working out details on setting up the scenario so others could run their own.
Might I recommend if you're doing anything extravagant that you call the police station BEFOREHAND to make sure they're aware what you're up to? It's a lot easier to explain beforehand 'we're setting up this airsoft game, but it's all fun' than after.
I already thought of that. First thing that I have to do is to get some airsoft guns, and find a facility ... and the hardest part is to get some buy in... although I hear there is a group in ajax that plays shadowrun that might be interested, as well as a few other friends that I know.

Then I need to find a facility. I am not sure if the church will let us use the building.
I am getting some really cool ideas for setting this up ... it could be drawn out for a week long scenario.
Also, if you plan on something like this, start getting the appropriate permits now so they are in place and fixed in the minds of the local John Q. Law. I've seen many LARPs interrupted because the Sherrif's Department thought it was a cult... Man shotguns are no fun when there's 12 angry pot-bellied, cousin shaggin red-neck good ol'boys thinking you're a threat to the good church goin folk of their county.
one of the advantages I do have around here ... is that I know a few of the cops and could expedite the process and .... I know plenty of dutch farmers with large land that we can use. Many people use the land for paint ball ...

But good advice ... thank you.
Also check with your local school or university. If you have students (or even better, faculty) in your group you might be able to make it an official club, which would allow you to use the facilities.
I started by looking into airsoft weapons... they are not cheap. There is a "tactical school" not far from here that teaches swat tactics with airsoft. If there was a way to get them involved that might be worth it. Although it would mean we were have to start requiring costs. If there was a large shadowrun convention, would people travel for something like that? It would probably best if it was hosted in the states. If the scenario was interesting, would someone travel for a real live version of shadowrun?

Just need some ideas on how to handle magic. Damage from airsoft would be pretty much on the honor system. It would be cool to have DOC wagon people rushing around to pick up people with a contract. Have a stocking placed over the disabled limb, till it was replaced with cyberware.... could be a really great time if people were into that.
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