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I have been reading over various old posts and some source books, and I keep hearing how dragons made/make drakes and elves etc, elves made hydras.

Are there any details about the mojo that goes into creating races? It seems to be more than just some extravagant crossbreeding program. I would love to hear some theories and some essays. Anyone?

Ancient History
Well, it used to be there were a few very powerful Nethermancer spell that approached it called Alter Life and Create Life, each of which involved significant blood magic...but I digress. In any event, those have been retconned to Create/Alter False Life.

Great Dragons create true drakes with an act of draconic ritual blood magic known as The Dance of Blue Spirits. Adults can perform the rite, although it's rare: dragons count drake ownership as a matter of status. A variant of this ritual produces false drakes.

Bred drakes are something else again, as are the ice drake, fire drake and sea drake.

It has been suggested that immortal elves are different from dragonkin elves because of some magic ritual performed by the Great Dragons in the distant past - possibly with the aid of certain powerful free spirits or foci.

The original Hydra was created by a dragonkin human scion of the Denairastas clan, who (presumably using Nethermancy, although Wizardry might also have worked) combined the forms of the seven dragon hatchlings of Thermail with his spell(s), then produced a second hydra of the opposite gender from the original and forced them to mate. The inbreeding and hunting by dragons may explain why SR only has to deal with the Hydra-Wyrm.
wobble.gif Wow, how do you know all this?
Well for one, he's AH, and he likes to read. Two, try the Dragon's book from ED, probably still free for download somewhere on the SR main site. Also check the ED adventure Infected.
Ancient History
Actually you can download it here.

I pick up these things <shrug>.
Are there any details about the Immortal Elf-ing ritual available, who/what is involved, where appropriate ritual sites would be ...?

And are metahumans a natural awakened variety of humans, or were these races originally created from Cro-Magnon by some enterprising dragon or passion?
Ancient History
The minutae of the ritual is unknown; Lou has suggested a bargain was made with the Passions Jaspree and Astendar, while others suggest a crystalline focus similar to that seen in Never Trust An Elf. In any event, immortal elves differ from "normal" dragonkin by their effective immortal lifespans and lack of physical disfigurements.
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