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Full Version: Dragons that didn't wake up.
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Is there some rite of passage/succession for the possessions etc for dragons that didn't make it through the last cycle?

Could make an interesting run if a group tried to locate some old and possibly dragons.
Would suck if the dragon was only sleeping.

Best to let a sleeping dragon lie, I guess.
Herald of Verjigorm
If it was hunted, it was probably also looted back then. If it's still napping, then it's probably hidden better than anything that Tir military technology and thaumaturgy can get around so your chances are drek low.
Other dragons would not have a problem with food killing their kind and stealing the spoils?
Herald of Verjigorm
Sirrug seems to, but even Vast and Green hasn't caught them all. Most dragons are so self absorbed that anything more than one step of relation away is expendible and forgettable.
I was thinking mainly from an artifact and dominance perspective.
Ancient History
If there was a contention between two or more GDs over the hoard of a deceased GD, you'd see another Rite of Succession. Otherwise, it's business as usual.

Dragons don't normally eat one another. They do practice a form of cannibalism by consuming dragon eggs that fail to develop.
Well, they occasionally do eat each other.

Haesslich ate Hart's lesser form plummed serpent pal (whose name I cannot recall). Then again, one can only guess what kind of personality would choose "Butt Ugly" for it's name ... maybe Haesslich was a draconic sociopath?

Besides, dragons don't strike me as overly social creatures. Maybe they just don't have much empathy for the peril of others of their kind. In fact, except for Sirrug, even the draconic surpremacist GDs don't give much about lesser forms being killed off (odds are, the GDs generally don't look upon lower draconic forms kindly, placing them just one step above metahumanity in disposability).
That's actually a cool idea. I wonder how many Dragons are burried deep in the nether regions of the 6th world. Possibly they're lairs have been infested with sleeping nasties or even different creatures that may not have seen the light of day in thousands of years? I'm guessing the locations of sleeping dragons are probably alot like the old knowledge that was lost. They're well hidden and probably very inaccessable. They probably didn't share the location of where they were going to nap. I think this could be a great idea for a future adventure. It's sort of AD&D dugeon crawl meets Cyberpunk. You could have extensive tunnel systems, underground structures, and all sorts of interesting stuff. I'd also be willing to bet there some nasty spirits down there along with other critters here, there, and yonder. Some may have been found others not. Who knows how they died possibly due to age? (Lesser Dragon) and Stress and geological shifts.
it would be a good retirement campaign. Runners would not need much after a score like that.

I am sure, that you could sell the dragon's body alone for a great deal if you can get part of it out. (one nasty levitation spell)
Who says there's anything left after a Dragon dies? Maybe everythings focilized or the dragon and his treasure is a mound of rock? I don't think archaeologists in the 6th world ever excavated a dragon's tomb?
There is reference in Dunkie's will about a dragon skeleton.
Ancient History
Traditionally, dragons are cremated upon death, and true drakes are reduced to their original components. However, this is not the case for at least one great dragon, but undoubtably there are numbers of lesser dracoforms (ice drakes, firedrakes, sea drakes, bred drakes, wyverns, gorgons, hydra-wyrms, hydras, etc.) whose remains may have been preserved or fossilized; the Secrets of Power Trilogy hints as much. In rare cases, dragon eggs may also have been preserved.
Cremated by the magical energies contained in the body? By other dragons?

If a death happened through the 5th world, what would happen then? No magics to be released and no one to incinderate the corpse.
Maybe all that's there is just a interesting looking Rock formation? Maybe they phase out exsistence? Who knows, I think only the Dragons do......Maybe someone can slip Rob Boyle a Rupie during the con and "negotiate" a answer using sodium penathol and flashing lights?
Maybe someone can slip Rob Boyle a Rupie during the con and "negotiate" a answer using sodium penathol and flashing lights?

Now you are talking. Lets just change the methodology a bit and use good old detective technigues. Locked room, Loud music, a hood for a few days, phonebooks....


Doesn't rumors from the Big D also place a GD skeleton in the bay off of Prince Edward Island?
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