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Full Version: Aztlan book commentary?
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My memory is failing me here. I know that one of the more recent books discussed the group of commenters that Dunzlezahn gathered to talk about the Aztlan post. I just can't remember what book it was in. Can anyone help me?

IIRC it is in the back of the Azzie book. I'll see if I can get my buddy on AIM to get a definitive answer.
Threats has it in it in the Lone Gunman's 'Atlantean Conspiracy'

That's about as racent as I recall.

I know AH has it on his site, complete with annotations. Very nicely done I might add.

Wish I could have beaten him to the punch. I admire AH's work greatly.

Annotated Aztlan

How this helps.
Unfortunately, the Aztech sourcebook is out of print and (AFAIK) only available used or on file-sharing networks.
Loose Alliances finally settled the debate on who Hecate is, however. The two leading contenders were either Alachia or Aina, but it turns out that it's actually Sheila Blatavska, leader of the Atlantean Foundation. Which confirms Sheila as an IE and pretty conclusively pegs her as a Theran, which is interesting, since I don't remember any IE's being mentioned outside of Barsaive or countries north (though it's been a while since I read some of those books, so I may be forgetting something). Also explains some of the tension between Hecate and the others, since the Therans didn't get along well with anyone and were roundly hated in return.

My gaming group was really depressed to read this, because our GM had been maintaining all along that Hecate was Sheila, and we kept calling him crazy...
I was under the impression that Blatslavski was Alachia.
SL James
And I bet there are multiple threads about her identity on Dumpshock.
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